Leading Globally

Develop the attributes and experiences Asian leaders need for leading globally.

Develop the essential attributes that Asian leaders should prioritize – curiosity, courage, trust, strategic thinking, influence, and aspiration to overcome the “bamboo ceiling” – in this customizable global Asian leader development program. Drawing on our extensive research on Global Asian Leaders, the program can be tailored for your company’s specific needs and objectives to empower your leaders with skills needed for success and position them equitably alongside global peers.

Global Asian Leader Development

With Asia fast becoming the world’s driving force, organizations must have Asian leaders who are ready to take on vital roles within their global strategies. These Asian leaders need to be able to direct local and regional businesses effectively and contribute and execute toward global growth plans. Asian leaders aspiring to global roles must build the right mix of mindsets, skillsets, and experiences, resulting in actions that increase their access to opportunities and their chances of success once they are in such positions.  

To succeed, Asian leaders need to be able to understand their own leadership impact and increase their capacity to lead strategically across functions of the enterprise and around the globe by:

  • Harnessing the power of deeper self-awareness to enhance their leadership and fortify personal resilience;
  • Fostering a culture of continuous learning through greater leadership curiosity, actively seeking new perspectives and experiences; and
  • Applying insights from the experiences of incumbent global Asian leaders who have successfully overcome the challenges associated with the “bamboo ceiling.”

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Leading Globally: Research & Resources on the Global Asian Leader

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This research study explores the challenges faced by global organizations in strengthening their pipeline of global-ready leaders across Asia, and best practices to support Asian leaders in breaking through the “bamboo ceiling.”

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Watch this webinar to learn how organizations are developing Asian leaders and preparing them with the skills needed to take on more global roles in the post-pandemic world.

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