Leading Globally

Develop the attributes and experiences Asian leaders need for leading globally so they can break the bamboo ceiling.

This Asian leadership development program puts APAC executives in more equitable positions with their global peers and helps them grow the skills they need to break the bamboo ceiling.


Mid- to senior-level leaders in Asia


Hybrid: Online and in-person


3 half days online, 3 full days in person


3-month learning journey


Live instructor-led, with executive coach


Faculty-to-participant ratio: 1:12

Leading Globally: The Program Experience for Global Asian Leaders

What Makes This Asian Leader Development Program Unique?

Available exclusively in the APAC region, Leading Globally is an exclusive and impactful program. Participants who take part in this leadership journey over 3 months strengthen their leadership skills, boost personal resilience, develop greater curiosity, seek new perspectives, and expand their leadership mindset and skillset — all critical for success at breaking the bamboo ceiling and becoming truly global Asian leaders.

  • High-impact strategic business simulation allows practice of new skills in a psychologically safe environment
  • Large-group discussions and activities — combined with smaller, virtual breakout sessions — help participants build connections with peers and facilitators and focus on developing the critical leadership skills and competencies Asian leaders need for success in global roles
  • Personalized feedback from peers and validated assessment tools help participants better understand their leadership impact, identify strengths, and hone development areas
  • Small group coaching and role plays build confidence and enable leaders to apply new learnings in a safe and novel way to deepen application and learning transfer
  • 3 individual coaching sessions to help focus and apply the learning, create actionable leadership development plans, and ensure accountability

What Participants Learn in Leading Globally

This program helps leaders understand their leadership impact and increases their ability to lead strategically across functions of the enterprise and around the globe. As a result of participating, leaders will:

  • Draw on deep self-awareness to leverage leadership and boost personal resilience
  • Cultivate and develop greater leadership curiosity, to seek new perspectives and experiences, thereby expanding the leadership mindset and skillset critical for the success of global Asian leaders
  • Receive personal leadership lessons from the experience of successful incumbent global Asian leaders who have broken through the bamboo ceiling

Leading Globally: The Global Asian Leader Program

Location Tuition
APAC $10,8800 SGD

Dates Coming Soon!

* local taxes may apply

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Explore our latest research on what it means to be a global Asian leader and break the “bamboo ceiling.”

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