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Future-Fluent Board Leadership in Asia

BOLD 3.0: Future Fluent Board Leadership in Asia

On Demand

Duration: 1 hour

About the Webinar

A combination of increased governance requirements, disruptive markets, and higher expectations from stakeholders is spotlighting board leadership in Asia. Boards are increasingly expected to move beyond their traditional stewardship and trusteeship responsibilities to provide overall leadership to the organization. In this webinar we’ll explore findings from the BOLD 3.0 study, revealing the evolution of board-level leadership across Asia and the critical elements that lead to success.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to identify “active ingredients” that must be in place on Asian boards to result in effective leadership;
  • The state of leadership capability (and gaps) at the board level in public and private mid- to large-size organizations in Asia;
  • Hard choices boards will need to make to navigate the current disruption due to the global pandemic;
  • Ways to highlight skills that future-fluent board leaders in Asia must develop and polish; and
  • How to define the must-have culture in boardrooms for collective leadership to thrive and flourish.

Target Audience: Senior board executives and C-suite executives with responsibilities for countries in Asia.

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About the Presenter

Sunil Puri

Sunil Puri
Asia-Pacific Senior Director of Research, Innovation, and Product Development
Center for Creative Leadership

Sunil is our Asia-Pacific Senior Director of Research, Innovation, and Product Development. He is a seasoned leadership and human capital researcher and thought leader with over 20 years of experience across large global organizations. Prior to joining us, he served as head of Research and Insights at the Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI), set up by the Singapore government to drive the global Asian leadership initiative.

Sunil has authored several research studies including Imagining Asia 2030: Future Fluent Asian Leader, Architecting Future Fluent Culture: Critical Role of Human Resources (Asia Study), Developing Global Asian Leaders: From Local Stars to Global CXOs, CHRO 3.0: Preparing to Lead the Future HR Function in Asia, HR Leadership Stall Points, Developing Next-Generation Indian Business Leaders: The Keys to Success, and 7 Myths of Leadership Development in Asia.

In 2015, he co-edited a book titled Human Capital Insights: Inspiring Practices from Asia, for Asia. Sunil is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India, and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, India.


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