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Duration: 1 hour

About the Webinar

Individualized, experience-driven leadership development is key to attracting, developing, and retaining top talent. That’s why organizations need a trusted partner to build a leadership development pipeline that is agile, resilient, and future-ready. Grounded in ongoing research and more than 50 years of experience developing successful leaders, our training portfolio of world-class, transformational leadership development courses prepare leaders to tackle real-world challenges. Tens of thousands of leaders around the globe have attended our human-centered programs, earning us a reputation as the premier leadership development organization. In fact, 96% of our participants say they are stronger leaders.

As an HR and L&D professional, your mission is to support the employees in your organization to grow as effective leaders. Our training portfolio of programs are designed to target the specific challenges facing each level of leadership — whether they’re just starting out, leading from the middle, or running a global organization. The diverse selection of in-person courses and virtual programs in our training portfolio offers unmatched learning experiences that ignite transformational and sustainable change to improve employee engagement and retention.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • A holistic approach to experience-driven learning and development
  • Creative solutions and design methodology to advance your leadership pipeline
  • How to leverage our research-based approach to leadership development for leaders at all levels of your organization
  • Which leadership development solutions in our training portfolio might work for your organization’s unique strategy, culture, people, and challenges

We can help you determine whether in person versus online learning is right for your organization, and we offer an array of proven new manager courses in both modalities to suit whatever works best for your leaders.

About the Presenters

Monica Bortoluzzi

Monica Bortoluzzi
Client Engagement Director
Center for Creative Leadership

Monica is a Senior L&D Practitioner, Team and Executive coach who works with leaders across a spectrum of industries and geographies. She has nearly 20 years of international business experience across different industries which include Food Beverages & Tobacco (Philippe Morris Spain), IT (Sun Microsystems), Professional Services (Accenture) and Executive Education (Center for Creative Leadership). Recently at CCL, Monica has held senior positions with global responsibilities, including being a member of the CCL Global Portfolio & Leadership Solutions group.

Hans Onderbeke

Hans Onderbeke
Leadership Solutions Associate
Center for Creative Leadership

Throughout his career, Hans has specialized in the facilitation of leadership development programs for senior leaders and executives working across Europe, the Middle East, US, and Asia. For over 20 years, Hans has provided leadership development experiences cross a range of sectors including pharmaceutical, oil, chemical, banking, and finance. Typically, the projects he is involved in include facilitation of change management programs that support management and employees through effective transition.

Hans serves as a Leadership Solutions Associate in EMEA, working as a leadership development facilitator and coach. His expertise and passion lie in facilitating programs where business strategy is translated into leadership strategy.

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