6 Strategies to Digital Learning Success

6 Strategies for Digital Learning Success

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Duration: 1 hour

About the Webinar

Technology today is not only changing organizations and consumers but also enhancing workforce productivity and affecting how organizations are organizing themselves. This webinar will focus on how technology is changing the game in learning and development in organizations. Participants can expect to hear our point of view on:

  • How the learning and development function has transformed over the last 2–3 years,
  • What role technology has played in that transformation, and
  • How organizations can apply the 6 strategies for successful digital learning initiatives.

Who should attend: Senior HR leaders and HR managers and personnel.

Infographic: 6 Strategies for Digital Learning Success. 1. Less is more. 2. Support from the top. 3. Leader teachers. 4. Learner-centered design. 5. Learner partners. 6. Measure what matters.

Foster strategies for digital learning success in your leaders with customized leadership development tailored to your organization’s unique context and culture.  

About the Presenters

Samir Mehta

Samir Mehta
Global Director, Digital Portfolio & Practice Hub
Center for Creative Leadership

Samir joined us in 2013 and serves as our Digital Learning Products Manager. He works with various groups here at CCL to ensure that digital learning products and blended learning solutions are designed and delivered seamlessly for our clients. He enjoys designing learning journeys for sophisticated, discerning professionals that are truly immersive and blended.

Holly Downs

Holly A. Downs, Ph.D.
Senior Research and Evaluation Faculty
Insights and Impact Group in Global Research & Evaluation
Center for Creative Leadership

Holly is a Senior Evaluation Faculty member of our Evaluation Center which supports us and the field through the development of new knowledge, methods, and approaches to the evaluation of leadership development. In this capacity, she works with our staff, global clients, and external evaluators to design and conduct customized evaluations for our programs, products, and services. This work includes identifying organizational and leader needs, articulating program outcomes, selecting the most appropriate methods for evaluating initiatives for improvement and impact, and reporting the findings to key stakeholders.

Holly is also the Principal Investigator leading the research and evaluation of our digital and virtual learning effort in order to expand the knowledge regarding how virtual learning can enhance, support, or supplant other types of training approaches to accelerate the development of leaders.

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