Learn to Lead Better in our Online Frontline Leadership Program

Leadership effectiveness is the #1 concern for organizations of all sizes, across industries and around the world. While executives overwhelmingly agree that leadership development of their new and recently promoted managers is critical to future success, almost 60% of frontline managers never receive training for their first leadership role. With first-level managers comprising almost 40% of the leadership population, the need to prepare these managers to effectively lead others is critical. The challenge? Companies have traditionally been forced to compromise between quality, cost, and flexibility when considering frontline leadership development solutions. Until now.

Who Should Attend Frontline Leader Impact?

Managers and supervisors of individual contributors, first-level or first-time managers who are newer to their roles, or anyone who is preparing to move into frontline leadership. Especially those who cannot travel for training but still want a truly impactful experience.

View the video below to learn about Crowley Maritime’s experience with Frontline Leader Impact, an engagement that positively benefited the shipping & logistics company’s mid-level leaders, and that won an Excellence Award from the Brandon Hall Group.

Why Choose This Frontline Leadership Program?

Frontline Leader Impact delivers a completely re-imagined online leadership development program to transform frontline managers into the leaders your organization needs. This frontline leadership program brings together our world-class, research-driven content and experienced faculty with an intuitive online learning platform.


Available in English and Spanish


18-hour virtual leadership training experience delivered over 6 weeks in a self-paced journey, guided by a leadership expert.

Average class size & Faculty/Participant ratio:

24 participants
1 moderator: 24 participants

Location: Virtual—Learn in the flow of work

We also offer Frontline Leader Impact for federal government employees. Learn more.


$1,500 USD*

*contact us to learn more about volume pricing options

Help your organization understand why you should attend:
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Looking for a program for frontline managers that includes an immersive experience online or away from the office with individualized coaching? Learn more.

What Do Participants Learn?

Our research has shown these 6 competencies to be crucial for success for frontline leadership. Our online leadership training develops exactly these skills.


Self-Awareness:  Remaining aware of one’s strengths and development needs.


Learning Agility: Seeking out diverse experiences and applying lessons learned to new challenges.


Communication: Listening, speaking, and writing clearly and consistently for maximum impact.


Political Savvy: Relating well to people and developing strong working relationships with managers and superiors.


Motivating Others: Inspiring commitment by recognizing and rewarding the contributions of others.


Influencing Outcomes: Understanding and persuading effectively to gain cooperation and get things done.

What Participants Said About Frontline Leader Impact Program:

intend to apply program lessons at work

found the course easy to access and navigate

made positive impact on leadership skills


 Resources on Developing Your Frontline Leadership

Frontline managers are responsible for many day-to-day operations. To succeed, they must possess these 6 skills.

As with any important learning initiative, a leadership-focused digital learning initiative begins with a clear strategy and well-planned tactics.

Online courses could be the best development tool for your managers. Plan well and get results that matter with these 6 strategies.

This webinar will focus on how technology is changing the game in learning & development in organizations.