Your Organizational Culture Can Make or Break Your Business Strategy

Culture isn’t an accident. It’s shaped and forged by connected, aligned leadership to support the company’s business strategy.

And when the strategy changes, culture must change too, because culture is what makes strategy happen. You wouldn’t rely on outdated, obsolete software to run your company. Why would you rely on old mindsets, outdated beliefs, and outmoded behaviors?

It’s easy to revise an org chart and restructure your hierarchy. But revising mindsets, behaviors, and attitudes — in other words, your organization’s leadership culture — is much tougher. And if you don’t pay attention to organizational culture, your business strategy and priorities won’t be implemented correctly.

We can help ensure your organizational culture helps, not hinders, alignment, and help you decide whether you have the right culture for your strategy. Because in the end, it’s not about what culture you want, it’s about what culture your strategy demands.

Our Approach: Organizational Culture Starts with Leadership Culture

What’s your organizational culture and leadership challenge?


Do your leaders, managers, and teams lack alignment and operate in silos?


Are your strategies and operational decisions complicated and ambiguous?


Are your culture initiatives missing links to strategy execution or business outcomes?

Whether you’re facing one or all of these issues, we can help you achieve the culture our strategy needs, starting with the right goal for your organizational leadership culture change. You may need to:

  • Strengthen – Deepen, refine, and make a valued existing culture more consistent
  • Transform – Expand organizational agility to perform in its market – or redefine it entirely
  • Integrate – Blend disparate cultures during a merger & acquisition or expansion
  • Keep – Build on the existing culture, expanding perspectives, beliefs, or norms
  • Swap – Trade one type of culture, collective identity, or work pattern for another

Whatever your culture change goal, we can help you achieve it through connected, aligned leadership.

At CCL, our organizational culture change and leadership approach is holistic, and our expertise is rooted in rigorous research. With 50 years of experience in the field, we go deeper than other management and leadership development companies so cultural transformation is sustainable for the long term.

Our Organizational Leadership Culture Change Process

Our organizational culture change approach has 3 distinct phases, each with measurable outcomes:

  1. Define a clear landscape for success, with current state identification and gap analysis.
  2. Use connected, aligned leadership to drive adoption of new mindsets and behaviors.
  3. Transition to a strong, sustainable culture specifically designed to support your business strategy and assess against the baseline to measure progress.

Maybe you’ve already started to make a significant organizational change, but are not seeing the results you expected. Talk with us. We’ll meet you where you are.

Our Partnership with Clients for Organizational Leadership Culture Change

We partner with clients to benchmark your current culture and plan how to create the culture your strategy demands. We can help you understand whether you need more innovation and collaboration, what barriers there might be to success, and how to address those challenges. To learn more about our approach, read a client case study about a successful culture change.

  • The leadership culture at KONE is absolutely changing as a result of our work with CCL. I think our partnership works because it’s a true partnership. We have worked together to develop, explore, and invent the approach that made the most sense for KONE…we’ve co-developed a process and the thinking behind creating a leadership culture that fits our business.

    Vance Tang CEO, KONE

Resources on Organizational Culture Change & Leadership

Can You Identify Your Organization’s Leadership Culture?

Can You Identify Your Organization’s Leadership Culture?

Leadership culture is the self-reinforcing web of beliefs, practices, patterns, and behaviors. Your organization’s senior leaders must understand the culture and recognize their responsibility in creating — or changing — it. Learn how to recognize the 3 types of leadership culture and their impact on your business.

Vertical Development: Culture Still Wins Over Strategy

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Vertical Development: Culture Still Wins Over Strategy

A strategic initiative can succeed only when an organization’s leadership culture supports it. Yet too many companies waste time dreaming up strategies that their culture lacks the mindset to actually implement. Learn how vertical development of executive teams can support organizational culture change.

Kone & CCL: Partnering to Transform the Leadership Culture

Case Study
Kone & CCL: Partnering to Transform the Leadership Culture

For over 100 years, KONE has been a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry. During their multiyear, guided transformation journey with us, they moved from an achievement- and conformance-based culture to a more collaborative organization. See its real results from transforming a leadership culture.