CCL believes organizations can kick-start diversity & inclusion initiatives with a focus on equity. Our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion practice is rooted in decades of research and work with leaders and organizations, from our groundbreaking research on women leaders breaking the glass ceiling to our decades-long Leading Across Differences research project.

We know from our experience and from the stories of leaders like you that diverse teams can innovate, solve problems, and address complex challenges — but success is not automatic. Thoughtful leadership, built on self-awareness and recognition of the impact of social identity on others’ experience, is required.

REAL™: A Framework for Action on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

We create leadership solutions using the REAL framework to shift mindsets, behaviors, and practices towards equitable and inclusive leadership for individuals, teams, and organizations.

CCL's REAL Framework for Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

We seek to work with organizational partners to prepare leaders and organizations to tackle EDI challenges in service of lasting results that matter.

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