Today’s organizations are often treading water in a sea of continuous change, uncertainty and unprecedented challenges.  Business strategy is your roadmap to navigate to success, but culture is the engine that powers the journey.

Developing a coaching culture builds learning agility at all levels, giving organizations the necessary resiliency to face challenges that come along. A coaching culture maximizes a leader’s time by using just-in-time learning to focus on the individual’s needs.  Leadership development doesn’t just take place in the classroom, but in the workplace—every day.

The result: increased employee engagement, job satisfaction, teamwork, trust, transparency and a stronger leadership pipeline.

 CCL’s Process

  • Discovery

    Each initiative begins with a consultation to understand an organization's unique culture - unwritten rules, values, norms, behaviors and practices.

  • Design

    CCL's comprehensive discovery process allows us to design a customized initiative that infuses coaching throughout all levels of leaders within an organization - from the c-suite to the frontline.

  • Execution

    One-on-one coaching, classroom-based programs, feedback sessions and more informal peer coaching help cascade a coaching mindset and behaviors throughout the organization.

  • Ongoing Support

    Post-engagement follow-up is available in a variety of formats to encourage continued learning and development. Small group interactions and optional videotaped practice sessions offer skilled practice in a feedback-rich environment.

  • Evaluation

    CCL embeds data analysis and reporting to validate effectiveness and ensure that learning is practical and applicable. Our goal? Building coaching capability into your organization so training and coaching are sustainable and cost-effective.

Recommended Coaching Programs

Better Conversations Every Day

Better Conversations Every Day

One day experience that provides coaching skills across your entire organization. Micro-learning assets, workshop kits, and evaluation tools are available to sustain the learning.

Coaching for Greater Effectiveness

Coaching for Greater Effectiveness

Developed to give leaders the skills needed to ask the right questions, encourage exploration, build trust, listen for understanding, and offer effective feedback.

Coaching for HR Professionals

Coaching for HR Professionals

Open-enrollment program developed for Human Resource Professionals to help refine coaching skills, foster coaching skills in others and begin to build a coaching culture in their organization