Organizational Change Leadership for Successful Transformation

In today’s dynamic business environment, most people don’t talk about change leadership. They talk about change management and transformation.

Too many organizations focus on mastering the operational and structural sides, rather than the people part, of change. But to gain the desired results from a new direction or initiative – for real organizational transformation – you need change leadership, along with change management.

Embedded beliefs and unspoken assumptions can kill a new change. That’s why leadership during change successfully requires leaders to address beliefs and behaviors throughout the organization so that everyone, from front-line workers to the executive team, supports the transformation.

Change management focuses on structures, systems, and processes. Change leadership is about enlisting people in the change. That’s why successful change is really a matter of leadership.

Our Change Leadership Approach

At CCL, we do change better because we go beyond change management and offer expertise in change leadership.

We focus on leadership during change from within organizations, and our approach includes both the practical and emotional sides of change. With 50 years of experience in developing people, we understand the human side of change.

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Are your people change-ready with the beliefs and behaviors needed to support transformation?

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Does your organization react to marketplace change rather than proactively lead it?


Do your enterprise change initiatives fail due to lack of alignment between people and process?

Our change leadership approach ensures your organizational change initiatives succeed. We can help you lead the people side of change as you simultaneously manage the operational considerations. It’s a both/and change management process that ultimately leads to you having a more “change-capable,” resilient organization.

Our Change Leadership Process

Our unique 3-phased process aligns the human side of change – talent and culture – with the strategy:

  1. Determine senior leaders’ change capability.
  2. Initiate organizational leadership development to change from inside-out.
  3. Create the engine of change through leaders developing leaders.

We use best practices to help you develop leaders at all levels and facilitate multiple changes simultaneously without drowning in the churn. We can help you:


what’s required to manage change and where gaps exist.

Thoughts - Decisions

on the highest priority behaviors and beliefs to focus on and who can act as change agents.


the right things to dramatically boost the ability to execute successful change.

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what works best and embed it in the organization for systemic change.

Maybe you’ve already started to make a significant organizational change, but are not seeing the results you expected. Talk with us. We’ll meet you where you are.

Our Partnership with Clients for Change Management & Change Leadership

We leverage our research in neuroscience, holistic leadership, and resilience, using proven best practices to help you develop your leaders at all levels to face the complexity of change and successfully execute business strategy.

We can work with you to customize the delivery and approach to roll out a change management training for your leaders that will create long-lasting impact throughout your organization.

Our collaborative approach allows clients to use us as a strategic sounding board as we partner with you to create the engine of change through leaders developing leaders.

To learn more about our approach, read a client case study on a successful change leadership initiative.

Resources on Change Leadership

Yara International & CCL: Partnering to Enable Culture Shift and Change Effort

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Yara & CCL: Partnering for Change

This European company needed help with change leadership to shift from a culture of compliance, rules and enforcement mentality to a more values-driven approach. After working with us, this client reported that organizational commitment levels and well-being had increased by 14%. Read this case study.

How to Be a Successful Change Leader

How to Be a Successful Change Leader

Strategic change doesn’t happen on its own. Effective leaders guide successful change initiatives from start to finish. Here are the 3 key competencies that are part of the change leadership process, based on our extensive research with over 300 senior executives. Learn the 3Cs of change leadership.

Adapting to Change Requires Flexibility

Adapting to Change Requires Flexibility

Because change is constant and inevitable, leaders must be able to adapt in order to succeed. Inflexible leaders can stifle or halt new initiatives, undermining critical projects or the entire organization. Here are tips to help you adapt to change and guide your team through change. Adaptable people have these 3 types of flexibility.