Leaders today face pressure coming from every direction. The environment is growing more demanding, making development ever more important. Yet people increasingly want feedback that is highly personalized, easy to act upon, continuous, and seamlessly embedded into their lives.

Self-tracking technology, paired with wearables and artificial intelligence, can help organizations give their top talent the continuous, expert coaching necessary for sustained high performance, and do it in a way that is highly scalable. These systems offer just-in-time, individualized feedback that can instruct, inform, and empower growth and change outside of a traditional classroom learning experience.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Leadership With Self-Tracking Devices & Wearable Technology

Self-tracking devices hold promise for the future development of leaders by offering a new level of data and guidance for modifying behavior and growing skills – particularly in the areas of stress management, sleep hygiene, and public speaking ability. These tools offer specific feedback in real time, aligning well with the emerging trend of promoting continuous learning in organizations, making development both seamless and available on demand.

You can also learn more by watching our webinar, Wearables & Self-Tracking Technology for Leader Development.

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