It’s You, Not Them:
Why Emerging Leaders
Need Your Support
to Succeed

What Would Your Organization Look Like if Emerging Leaders Felt Fully Supported?

With increasing globalization and digital fluency, emerging leaders are free to explore a broader range of opportunities than ever before – which creates a challenge to organizations looking to recruit and retain top talent.

The data we’ve collected through surveys and interviews points to 3 strategies that can help your organization attract, retain, and support emerging leaders — building the skills critical to success.

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Access the report now to learn what our research revealed are the 3 most important strategies your organization can use to support and retain emerging leaders, both now and in the future.

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Insights Based on a Multi-Method Research Project & Data Collected From Around the Globe

Our research team partnered with 2 global leadership organizations — Y20, the youth forum of the G20, and the Asia Europe Foundation — to develop a deeper understanding of emerging leaders and their concerns.

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What Our Study on Emerging Leaders Reveals

Our study uncovers the unique experiences and values of emerging leaders around the world, shares perspectives and insights directly from Gen Z and Millennial workers, and explores pressing issues facing organizations today: Why do some young people choose to engage (or not engage) in leadership roles? How can those in positions of power create opportunities for young professionals to explore leadership opportunities?

Plus, this report gives you access to:

  • 3 strategies gleaned from our research to help you attract, retain, and engage your emerging leaders
  • Specific recommended action steps related to each strategy to provide the support young professionals need to succeed
  • Quick tips you can implement with individual teams, as well as the wider organization

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What You’ll Discover by Downloading This Report

The insights included in the research report will allow you to shift your culture to help your emerging leaders feel invested in their roles and empowered to move your organization forward.

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