Decades of research by CCL around the world have concluded that the two most powerful ways to grow and mature as a leader are by way of taking on challenging assignments, and by developing powerful relationships.

With India being one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world, Indian CXOs have to lead in an extraordinarily dynamic and complex environment. As they rise in their organizations, CXOs need for leadership development becomes critical. In this study, we endeavor both to learn from these leaders and to help accelerate their progress. In this report, CXOs in India will receive specific guidance on what constitutes the critical leadership skills—and how to develop these.

Hunt Partners and CCL intend this report to be a practical resource, one that executives can use regularly as a reference for self- and team development. It covers the following key points.

  1. Making experiences matter is key to success.
  2. CXOs devote 60% of their time to 3 goals.
  3. To achieve their goals, CXOs expect to refine their skills in 7 areas.
  4. Four experiences can help CXOs develop and refine the seven needed skills.
  5. Follow a 6R framework to obtain the most learning out of experiences.
Published: April 2019

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