How to Build Trust as a Leader (and Keep It)

Webinar - coworkers thinking about how to build trust as a leader

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Duration: 1 hour

About the Webinar

Trust is a core human need we all share, and relationships built on trust are what people want and need most at work. But learning how to build trust as a leader — and sustain those relationships long term — is difficult, especially in today’s hybrid work environment. According to recent surveys, less than half of leaders report that they definitely trust their direct manager to do what’s right, and less than a third say they trust senior leaders at their organization.

Research shows that employees perform best when they trust their leaders. Effective leadership requires knowing how to build trust as a leader — and keep it — with individuals, on teams, and across organizations. But building trust isn’t a one-off initiative. It requires a continued, collaborative effort from all team members to strengthen relationships by modeling compassion and prioritizing psychological safety. When employees trust their leaders, they step forward and do their best work together and more effectively.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What recent research suggests about building trust, especially with senior leaders and remote workers  
  • Key behaviors for how to build trust as a leader and make it last long-term
  • Ways individuals and organizations can cultivate a culture of trust and compassion

About the Presenters

Joanne Dias

Joanne Dias
Senior Faculty Member
Center for Creative Leadership

Joanne serves as a senior faculty member for our Global Markets custom work based in Greensboro, NC. Her focus is on designing and delivering customized leadership programs for managers and executives within global organizations.

Joanne utilizes her knowledge of organizational behavior, I/O Psychology, and business expertise to develop program designs tailored to each organization’s unique needs. Joanne applies her passion for diversity and development to her work with organizations and their leaders in order to enable them to fulfill their potential in an ever-changing global marketplace.

Brook Wingate

Brook Wingate
Director of Development & Alumni Relations
Center for Creative Leadership

Brook serves as Director of Development & Alumni Relations for CCL and is a member of our Societal Impact leadership team. Societal Impact serves CCL’s nonprofit, K-12 education, higher education, and population health clients and funders. Brook leads a team that is responsible for business development and philanthropy that increase impact in the social sector. She is also an Adjunct Coach, is certified in CCL’s Benchmarks® 360 Assessment Suite, and is trained to deliver CCL’s unique coaching workshop, Better Conversations Every Day™.

Brook brings 20+ years of nonprofit leadership experience to CCL, including work in independent schools, regional professional theater, United Way, and a statewide child welfare agency. Brook has built both systems and teams and led several organizational culture-change efforts, creating increased impact both for organizations and the communities they serve.

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