Building Stronger Relationships Between Nonprofit Directors and Boards

Webinar: Building Stronger Relationships Between Nonprofit Directors and Boards

On Demand

Duration: 1 hour

About the Webinar

Nonprofit employees, as well as directors and boards, often struggle to balance priorities within their organizations, which influences how well they can collaborate together. There is, however, a solution that your nonprofit can implement: building and sustaining psychologically safe workplaces, resulting in more sustainable and productive organizations. At CCL, our research with almost 300 leaders demonstrates that teams with high levels of psychological safety showed greater levels of performance, along with lower levels of interpersonal conflict. Watch this webinar as we discuss how nonprofit leaders, directors, and boards can use the building blocks of trust, candor, and inclusive leadership practices to increase psychological safety and drive positive culture change. We’ll share specific stories and practical examples of what leading inclusively truly looks like in an organization.

What You’ll Learn

This session will break down critical methods for building successful communication and inclusive work culture, including:
  • Building psychological safety between nonprofit employees and leaders, and between directors and boards, to improve communication and collaboration
  • Leadership tactics to establish trust through authenticity and vulnerability
  • Methods for fostering a sense of belonging via inclusive leadership practices

About the Presenters

Darren L Johnson

Darren Johnson
Organizational Leadership Practitioner
Center for Creative Leadership

Darren has been practicing organizational development for over 35 years. In his role as Organizational Leadership Practitioner at CCL, he works with executive and senior leadership teams using a client-centered approach to define and activate enterprise-wide strategic objectives, and to build equity, diversity, and inclusion. Prior to joining CCL, Darren worked in Organizational Development at GM, Ford, and Nissan. He was also formerly the Deputy Director of the Office of African American Affairs for the state of New Mexico and the Deputy Director for National Minority AIDS Council. Throughout his career, Darren has been a certified ICF coach and mediator. Darren holds a master’s degree in Organizational Development from American University and a B.B.A from Tennessee State University.

Claudette Ward
Executive Leadership Coach
R Focus, LLC

Claudette Ward PCC, CLC is an Executive Leadership Coach with more than 30 years of experience. She engages with senior executives and emerging leaders to help them cope with the myriad of challenges they face in today’s complex, fast-paced world. Her experience as an executive and Human Resources professional enhances skills required to understand relationships — a valuable insight for leading today’s multi-generational workforce.

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