Digital Leadership Readiness: The View from HR Leaders

digital leadership readiness

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About the Webinar

Going forward, the governments and businesses that are more digitally enabled will not only be more resilient to disruptions, they will also be far better positioned to cater to regional and global consumers and ecosystem expectations.

Singapore is ahead of many other countries in South East Asia in its digital roadmap. To sustain this lead, we will need to cultivate the right skills and mindsets in our workforce, and this demands capability and certainty in HR Digital Leadership: the ability to define digital strategy, develop innovation infrastructure for its rapid execution, while engaging talent across the organization to enable change, new ways of leading and working. 

Join us as we reveal the State of Digital Leadership Readiness in Singapore, based on our latest study with input from 196 leaders. In addition to sharing the key findings, we’ll hear from leaders on the latest practices, technology, and recommendations that will enable HR to drive impactful digital transformation.

About the Presenters

Aditi Mahadevan Nair

Aditi Mahadevan Nair
APAC Head of Talent, Learning & Diversity
Citibank N.A

Aditi Mahadevan is the Region Head for Talent, Learning & Diversity at Citi, since May 2019. Her role focusses on connecting employees with relevant and innovative development experiences, when and where they need them, in order to drive business performance & optimize employee potential and also on creating an environment of inclusive diversity. She is passionate about building a collaborative and diverse workforce that will enable organizations serve their internal and external clients to their best ability.

Prior to this role, she was the HR Head for the Global Markets business in APAC. Her responsibilities include partnering with business on Human Capital strategies and delivering on priorities around performance management, rewards, learning & development, talent management and diversity & inclusion.

Diana Khaitova

Diana Khaitova
Regional Sales Director
Center for Creative Leadership

Diana leads CCL’s client development efforts in Asia Pacific. In her current role, she is responsible for growing leadership development solutions across Asia Pacific market and promoting CCL mission in the region. The current solutions include Global Asian Leader programs, Leading Digital and Cultural Transformation, High Potential programs as well as executive coaching and digital learning solutions.

Dr. Wolfgang Baier

Dr. Wolfgang Baier
Group CEO

Dr. Wolfgang Baier has been the Group Chief Executive Officer of Luxasia Pte Ltd. since August 2016. He joined the Group as Group CEO and shareholder to transform the leading Asia Pacific beauty distributor into a Lifestyle Omni-Channel Leader, adding consumer centric ecommerce and digital capabilities to the brick-and-mortar foundation.

Dr. Baier was the Group Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Post Limited from October 2011 to June 2016 and served as the Chief Executive Officer International at Singapore Post Limited from February 2011 to October 2011. Dr. Baier successfully led the trans-formation of the Singapore Post Group into non-mail business such as logistics, retail and e-commerce and accelerated its global expansion. This resulted in a significant increase of the shareholder value of the public listed company and a large investment of the Alibaba Group. Dr. Baier served as a Director at Public Listed Singapore Post Limited and several of its affiliates across Asia, Europe and the US.

Paul Bridgewater

Paul Bridgewater
Regional Leader, APAC

Paul Bridgewater is the APAC Leader of pymetrics, an AI-powered platform that helps companies globally make fairer, more effective, and accurate workforce decisions. Paul has over 20 years of senior leadership experience, most recently having spent four years at the talent acquisition and engagement platform LiveHire as the Head of Partnership and Alliances, as well as Head of Recruitment Solutions. Prior to that, he spent over seven years in a variety of managerial roles at ManpowerGroup. He was previously Managing Director of Arriba Group and holds a BA Honors degree in Marketing from Bournemouth University in the UK.

Stephanie Nash

Stephanie Nash
Thrive HR Exchange

Stephanie Nash is the Co-creator of Thrive HR Exchange and Chief People Officer at ChapmanV. In this role, she provides strategic direction and advisory services across a broad portfolio of business interests and innovations in human resources. This includes ChapmanCG, a global HR executive search firm, the Thrive HR Exchange, an online community platform for HR professionals shaping the future of work and investments in HR technology start-ups.

Prior to joining ChapmanCG, Stephanie held the role of Chief People Officer at RedMart, where she oversaw the growth of the Singapore-based technology and ecommerce platform through the sale to Lazada-Alibaba Group.

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