Together, We Lift the Leaders Who Lift the World

Since 1970, CCL’s mission is to improve the understanding, practice, and development of leadership at all levels for the benefit of society worldwide. Our passion and our mission is to make the world a better place through more effective leaders and leadership.

CCL’s Societal Advancement group works with individuals, organizations, philanthropists, and communities around the world that share our sense of purpose and unwavering passion to improve the human condition. As a nonprofit organization, we are driven to help you achieve your goals.

Guided by Purpose. Fueled by Passion.

We work with individuals and organizations worldwide who believe leadership development is an investment that helps create sustainable change.

By enhancing the leadership capacity of individuals, organizations, and communities, you have the opportunity to create systemic and sustainable social change.

The benefits of effective leadership do not end when the program is over. Growth and development continue to resonate and expand outward, affecting not only the individuals in the program, but also each of the lives they touch and change as a result.


Invest in Leadership Development — Invest in Sustainable Change

We’re in our fifth decade of providing transformative leadership development. It is our passion and sole focus. Each year, we help more than 30,000 people worldwide become more effective leaders. Learn more about how you can make a difference by investing in leadership.
Make a World of Difference

4 Focus Areas to Make a World of Difference

At CCL, we focus our societal advancement efforts on four areas in the Americas where leadership has the most potential to improve lives and create lasting change.

K–12 Education: Equipping and enabling leaders at every level of K–12 schools and systems

Population Health: Creating a healthier society

Nonprofit: Amplifying nonprofit impact through strong leadership

Higher Education: Improving the workforce by enhancing the performance of colleges and universities

CCL is here to help your organization grow your leadership pipeline!

This training opened me up to a whole new world, stretched my vision and mind … and ignited my passion for leadership development.

– Bancy Kubutha

Program Administrator,
ERMIS Africa

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