Enable interdependent leadership to address pressing social challenges

We can achieve more working together than alone. CCL’s Societal Advancement work enables interdependent leadership — developing leadership within and across systems to advance the greater good.

As part of our goal to make leadership accessible for everyone, everywhere, the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) recently partnered with the Children’s Home Society of NC to use leadership concepts to help at-risk children have a voice in their own futures.

We need to think systemically and act collectively

Everything in our complex world is connected. This means that leadership must be developed within and across all levels of human activity — society, organization, group, and individual.

What does this look like?

What capabilities and experiences can CCL bring to the challenge? The knowledge, tools, and practices are emerging and evolving rapidly, but here’s where we are:


CCL engages and collaborates with people and organizations from various sectors, in diverse places, at multiple levels and in myriad ways. Our rich history as an institution encourages deep dialogue, shared understanding, and collaboration by partnering with diverse organizations and an extensive network of partners, scholars, alliances across the globe to respond to an ever-changing leadership audience.


CCL works with nonprofits, NGOs, educational institutions and faith-based organizations; government agencies and international organizations; small businesses and MNCs; citizens and youth – often many in tandem. More than 20,000 leaders from 3,000 organizations annually provide CCL with a database of more than 1M individual assessment reports. By analyzing this data, we can understand what will drive success across the global array of verticals and sectors.


CCL engages across numerous boundaries including hierarchy, class, language, religion, culture, and race. We believe that wherever you see individuals, groups, organizations, or networks come together to create shared understanding and common outcomes — that’s leadership. This view expands the potential for leadership capacity well beyond formal organizational structures and “traditional” leaders.

More about our approach?

CCL’s approach is one of co-inquiry and co-creation. While we draw on all our capabilities, we don’t have all the answers. Evolving better solutions for complicated, interlocking problems won’t come from existing ideas or a single expert view but through collective engagement and action.

CCL’s capability to tackle pressing social challenges is driven by a belief in the power of leadership development to enable us to achieve more — for today and for a better world.

Recent CCL Initiatives to Address Key Global Challenges

Nonprofits, NGOs and Faith-Based
Nonprofits, NGOs and Faith-Based
Women's Leadership Essentials Program in Libya. Peace Corps leadership training and action learning in Ethiopia. Developing women leaders in rural communities in United States
United Nations Development Program in Ethiopia. U.S. Department of Defense and State Department span boundaries in Iraq. Management Institute for National Development in Jamaica. Leadership training for female govt. leaders in East Africa.
Educational Institutions
Educational Institutions
Advancing the understanding of youth leadership in schools in the U.S. Infusing leadership into university engineering programs in the U.S. Developing leaders in pre-K-12 and higher education. Developing leaders in microfinance in India.
Citizens, Communities and Youth
Citizens, Communities and Youth
YMCA Black and Latino Achievers Program in United States. Youth Voices for Peace in Kenya. Golden LEAF Scholars Leadership Program in United States. Empowering young girls to believe in themselves in Ethiopia.
Tackling childhood obesity in the U.S. Building capacity for collaboration with public health leaders in Caribbean. Training healthcare leaders to apply innovative solutions to local healthcare challenges in the U.S. Equipping MBA students to creatively address rural health and sanitation problems in India.
Leveraging leadership training to drive economic development in El Salvador. Business training and community development in Chile. The American Express Nonprofit Leadership Academy in United States.
CCL is here to help your organization grow your leadership pipeline!

This training opened me up to a whole new world, stretched my vision and mind … and ignited my passion for leadership development.

– Bancy Kubutha

Program Administrator,
ERMIS Africa