Stephanie Trovas

During her 20 years in the training and development field, Stephanie has worked extensively with individuals and organizations from a variety of industries, functions, and countries. She has also served as an executive coach, trained and managed an outdoor experiential leadership program component, and has taught at the graduate level as an adjunct instructor. Previously, Stephanie held positions in strategy, management, marketing, and business development. She developed her passion for the field in college where she conducted career planning workshops. Currently, she focuses on the use of simulations for leadership and organizational development with organizations such as Methanex Corporation, AT&T, Mundipharma, CoreLogic, and Wells Fargo. She also serves on a team that focuses on the leadership issues of the energy sector.

Stephanie manages the Center’s open enrollment programs that impact groups, teams and organizations. This includes CCL’s work in talent sustainability. She is also the global manager for Leading for Organizational Impact: The Looking Glass Experience (LOI) and Developing the Strategic Leader (DSL). As part of her position, she trains open-enrollment programs, and designs and delivers customized solutions.

Stephanie holds a B.A. in psychology from the Colorado College and an M.B.A. from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. In graduate school, her emphasis coursework was in marketing and organization development.

As a member of the Center’s faculty, Stephanie writes and researches leadership issues, publishing numerous articles on the subject. She has co-authored two publications on self-promotion and influence, Selling Yourself without Selling Out and The Truth about Sucking up: How Authentic Self-Promotion Benefits You and Your Organization. Stephanie was involved in a research initiative that examined generational differences and similarities in leadership development. She is past president of the Pike’s Peak Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development and is a member of the national association.

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