Roberta is a Sports Psychologist whose international reputation comes from extensive experience with designing and implementing specific mental training programs on the subject of peak performance, team leadership, group dynamics, communications and motivation. Her involvement with professional leaders in the corporate, nonprofit and educational sector along with professional and Olympic athletes has helped individuals, teams and organizations develop more effective practices for consistent top performance.

Two of her major passions are in the areas of Resiliency for Women Leaders and Leadership Development for Consistent Top Performance for individuals and teams. She has spent the past several years developing and implementing customized women’s leadership workshops and consistent top performance training tools for individual performers and teams in the business, educational and athletic world.

Roberta holds two master’s degrees, one in Higher Education from the University of Northern Colorado and one in Sports Psychology from University of Arizona. Her Ph.D. from the University of Denver is in Communications, specializing in its application to individual and team effectiveness. She played competitive tennis and basketball at Montclair State College earning her a spot as an alternate to the Women’s Olympic Basketball team. In addition, her college tennis record is still undefeated.

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