Kevin’s clients have included Hewlett-Packard, Lucent Technologies, Advanced Micro Devices, Citibank, Nordstrom, Ford Motor Company, and other global Fortune 500 companies in senior team, transformational change, M &A, turnarounds and global growth work. His specialties address three complementary areas:

1. A systems approach to strategy, culture, talent, organization, and leadership development

2. A large-view, action-focused decision model that helps leaders identify how social and civilizational ideologies influence organizations and leadership so they can make more strategic decisions.

3. A subject-object development approach that deepens and expands the worldviews of leaders so they have greater perspective and agency and can better lead people through new strategies and dynamic change.

For twenty years, Kevin was Managing Director of Ideation, a San Francisco-based consulting, coaching and training firm with a global team of affiliates in Moscow, London, Paris, and Singapore. Ideation focused on three key areas: 1. leadership development, 2. extreme organizational and personal change, and 3. global and cross-cultural acumen. Ideation’s programs and services were designed and delivered on five continents while Kevin worked, lived, and studied in the US or Europe where he holds dual citizenship.

Thirty years ago, Kevin began a corporate career attaining successive positions in market research, retail sales and corporate account management for ComputerLand Corporation before becoming Director, Marketing and Sales for a boutique consulting firm in Palo Alto, CA. He also held the position of Acting Director, Human Resources for a San Francisco Bay Area software company.

Kevin serves as CCL senior faculty and lead faculty focused on organizational and executive leadership, strategy, transformation, agency, and performance. His interests include leading interconnected, global social systems; new product and segment revenue generation for the Center; and custom leadership, change and organizational performance programs for clients in energy, financial, pharmaceutical and high-tech.

Kevin started as a Philosophy major before transferring to the University of Vermont where he pursued, sequentially, two individually-designed majors: 1. A systems approach to Environmental Studies and Social Work; and 2. Education and Counseling Psychology for which he received a BS, Education. He also holds an MA, Counseling Psychology from Antioch New England with concentrations in Organizational Development and Family Systems. Kevin conducted his doctoral work in the Business School, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland on how leaders can more effectively frame transformational change using metaphor. He maintains an active interest in triple-bottom line leadership and change.

His publications include a book in progress: The Unclaimed Self: Reclaiming Your Life and Transcending Your Times.

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