Change is calling…and how a leader answers makes all the difference. CCL’s program,  Navigating Change, provides leaders the skills to endure change and embrace it. But dealing with change often doesn’t come easily.

Managers who decisively navigate organizational change – rather than simply react to it – help their organizations evolve and thrive at every level.    Human dynamics are as important as structural processes when dealing with change, but often are the hardest part to manage.

This program gives  leaders the necessary knowledge and skills to transform the initial disruptions and anxieties of change into positive potential.

What Do Participants Learn?

As a result of attending this program, participants will acquire the ability to:

  • Apply leadership practices, behaviors, & values to a specific complex challenge.
  • Lead change by influencing up, down & around the organization as needed.
  • Leverage the middle manager role to impact the organization’s approach to change.
  • Work through the emotions of team members to engage them in the phases of change.
  • Understand personal change preferences & how they impact approaches to change leadership.
  • Guide self & others through the upheaval that comes with change.

Who Should Attend?

Mid- to senior-level managers. Navigating Change is appropriate for managers of teams, projects, departments, and functions.

What Are the Challenges?

  • Leading others through change in the face of fear & uncertainty.
  • Understanding one’s own change leadership style.
  • Proactively dealing with change versus reacting.
  • Building consensus throughout the organization to support change.

Why Choose the Navigating Change program?

  • 2-day format maximizes learning time.
  • CCL’s unique Change-Capable Leadership™ system shapes curriculum to help managers hone a leadership approach maximizing their impact across their teams & organizations.
  • Extensive opportunities to network with,  & learn from, peers dealing with similar change challenges.
  • Highly-interactive, research-based content.
  • Sessions offered around the globe.
  • Program qualifies for 15 instructional hours with the Association of Change Management Professionals.

What Will the Program Experience Include?

The program has a 3-phased approach:

Phase 1: Prepare

Pre-program personal leadership assessments help prepare you for your  learning experience.

  • Prior to attending the class, you will complete a change profile assessment.
  • You will also be asked to bring an example of change that is happening now or in the near future, whether it’s within your team or the organization.

Phase 2: Engage

  • Navigating Change is a highly interactive 2-day program experience providing activities, tools & more that can easily be applied when back at work.
  • Identify & plan action steps for a key change challenge.
  • A simulated practice session will be used to try out new behaviors & approaches.

Phase 3: Apply

Post-program participants apply & sustain their learning via ongoing support:

  • After the program ends, participants can apply & sustain their learning with practical tools.


2 Days

Program is available by request for on-site delivery in location of your choice. Please contact us to learn more about how to bring this program into your organization.

Rapid organizational change is the No. 2 leadership development challenge in the next two to five years—and, logically, change is the second most important topic for leadership development.