Whether it’s in a family unit, a classroom, a village, an office or elsewhere — we all make an impact on our environment and we all have the ability be an agent for positive change. We believe that leaders are made, not born. This belief, based on over 40 years of CCL research, literally opens up a world of possibilities.

CCL launched the Leading Beyond Boundaries (LBB) in 2006 specifically to drive leadership development out into communities around the world. As a nonprofit organization with an educational mission, CCL has a unique flexibility in a world where profit is often the main drive for organizational direction. The Center’s LBB initiative is tasked with taking leadership development into communities where clean water is a luxury; where peace is a very real, daily goal; where education is a much sought-after gift; where hope abounds. LBB is unique in that we seek learning partners in the communities where we work. We bring expertise in leadership development to the table, while our partners bring grassroots expertise in their own culture and their own reality. As we work at co-creating leadership development opportunities together, real change occurs. On a daily basis, our hope in humankind is renewed as we stand together with committed individuals who are making a positive impact in the world.

To date, LBB has partnered with many groups including young people in India’s slums, orphans in Uganda, entrepreneurs in Brazil, public health workers in the Caribbean, teachers in Title 1 schools, and college students from rural North Carolina counties. These populations are diverse in age, culture, language, geographic location, education and more. But we all have a common goal — to transform the world for the better, one leader and one community at a time. And we are honored to use CCL’s research, tools and experienced faculty to reach this lofty goal. Indeed, it is CCL’s very mission.

What We Know:

  • Leadership Matters
    The future holds much hope and promise. Never before have we been so well-equipped to address the challenges of our world. It will be leadership — our capacity to act together towards a common goal — which will allow us to build a more just and sustainable future. Ideas alone can not drive change. Effective leadership builds a bridge between hope and sustainable, relevant impact.
  • Leadership is for Everyone
    We need leadership at all levels of society. Addressing the world’s most pressing problems requires work at all levels, not just from at the top of our most powerful institutions, but also on the ground level in isolated villages and impoverished neighborhoods. From elementary school students, filled with possibilities, to senior citizens, rich with the wisdom of life experience, leadership development can meet each person where they are and open the door for transformative change.
  • Leadership can be Developed
    CCL has over 40 years of experience in researching what makes leaders effective. We have turned that research into a stable of assessment tools, training programs, digital learning tools and publications that have been used by the world’s foremost institutions and organizations for decades. We know how to teach leadership. Now, CCL’s Leadership Beyond Boundaries initiative is democratizing access to leadership development, allowing new populations unprecedented access to CCL’s cutting-edge leadership development tools and training.

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– Nelson Mandela