Determine the Competencies Needed for Effective Leadership

  • Benefit from the largest leadership assessment database in the world
  • Identify leadership competencies valued by various industries, market sectors and cultures
  • Determine which competencies are most critical to organizational success
  • Understand common performance gaps and where development is likely to make the greatest impact


CCL defines effective leadership in terms of outcomes – what leaders and followers have done to help an organization set direction, achieve alignment and inspire commitment. For appropriate outcomes to happen, though, individuals need appropriate competencies. How do you determine the specific strengths needed to succeed in today’s workplace? How do you know where your leaders already excel and which competencies they need to strengthen or develop?

CCL Trend Research Reports use data from our 360-degree feedback assessments (e.g., Benchmarks® for Managers) to explore the key competencies valued most in various industries, market sectors and cultures around the globe. With the rich insights each report provides, you will be equipped to craft more effective leadership solutions and to deliver results that matter to the success of your organization and its leaders.

Special Features

  • The top challenges organizations face
  • A ranking of leadership competencies most critical to success
  • An analysis of how prepared leaders are in each leadership competency area
  • Identification and ranking of skills gaps
  • The top factors most likely to derail a career and how leaders rate against each
  • Recommendations for data-driven initiatives that are likely to deliver the greatest leadership development impact



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