Understand Hidden Connections That Impact Outcomes

  • Visualize, analyze, and build purposeful connections between leaders and among teams
  • Detect overloaded employees slowing information exchange and work flow
  • Improve collaboration across organizational silos
  • Design and initiate leadership solutions that help individuals and organizations understand and use networks more effectively to achieve strategic goals


Informal networks are central to any organization’s performance. But these seemingly invisible webs can be hard to identify and influence since they rely on relationships instead of formal reporting structures.

A CCL Network Analysis can help you visualize and understand these hidden networks and how they impact your ability to address strategic challenges. Using the data from our analysis, you will be equipped to leverage existing networks, create new patterns of connectivity, better align structure to organizational goals and help individuals in key roles lead more effectively.

Special Features

  • Customized surveys to assess current network connections
  • Detailed reports showing visual representation of existing networks, connections across boundaries, and key individuals in networks roles.
  • Guided discussion of the results with key stakeholders
  • Recommendations on how to use findings to inform leadership development and promote organizational effectiveness
  • Follow-up surveys to track the progress of engagement initiatives