Understand What Excites and Energizes Your Team

Effective leaders drive high employee engagement. They understand that their behavior and management style affect the way employees feel about their jobs – and ultimately, how much they contribute to the organization’s success.

When engagement is strong, teamwork and productivity thrive. A recent Hewitt report also shows that the most engaged organizations are more profitable, and they deliver a higher shareholder return than those with a less engaged workforce.

Yet for organizations everywhere, employee engagement is below what’s needed to achieve their goals.

Why is employee engagement so low? One reason is that organizations don’t clearly define what engagement means for them – making accurate measurements nearly impossible. Programs and initiatives aimed at improving engagement don’t address the specific problems that need attention. Time and money are invested, but with little or no impact.

The Solution: E4

CCL takes a more comprehensive approach to employee engagement with our customizable E4 solution. We assess the level of engagement in four areas and use the data to answer these questions:

  • To what degree are employees committed to the organization and its mission?
  • Are they excited about their work and motivated to perform?
  • Do they feel connected to and energized by their leaders?
  • Do they have a strong connection to their co-workers?

Using an organization’s own survey data, CCL creates targeted leadership development programs to address the issues that matter most for producing high employee engagement.

Special Features

  • An analysis of how a leader’s 360 assessment scores, culture dimensions, or climate factors link to engagement.
  • Recommendations for addressing engagement challenges.
  • A measure of engagement for individual groups or departments within an organization.
  • Pulse surveys that allow leaders to assess engagement at any time, making it easier to change course if needed.



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