Fusing Leadership Actions to Drive Business Outcomes

You know how crucial your leadership team is to your success, so how much have you invested in them? And perhaps more importantly, how much are those investments paying off?

CCL Fusion utilizes leading-edge analytics to connect the dots between your leader actions, your company culture, and the business outcomes you care about. Decades of research have provided us with a deep understanding of the critical ingredients that make leaders great. Our expert knowledge combined with your organization’s data can be one of the most valuable decisions you make this year.

Why CCL Fusion?

Adopt development and retention strategies that deliver the biggest payoff.

Cultivate the capabilities needed to anticipate technology disruptions and compete against emerging competitors.

Motivate and align your executive team in support of corporate strategy.

Hold leaders across your organization accountable for taking the right actions and producing the right results.

In 2018, organizations outsourced $34.3 billion for leadership development efforts with only 10% of global CEOs reporting leadership development as having a clear business impact.

How CCL Fusion Works

CCL Fusion makes the most of employee experience and engagement surveys, culture surveys, and 360-degree feedback by mapping people data with critical organizational metrics. We help you clearly identify the specific leader behaviors and practices needed to not only drive your strategies, but to motivate and align your workforce in support of them. With CCL Fusion, you can monitor progress, evaluate impact, make informed course corrections, and hold leaders at all levels accountable for results.

Five Steps to Better Outcomes

The CCL Fusion team uses a 5-step, evidence-based process to help your organization get to where it wants to go:

Analytics in Action
A CCL Fusion Case Study

By analyzing the connection between workplace culture and strategic business metrics, one healthcare organization uncovered the costly impact of turnover. New staff retention strategies delivered more than $8 million in bottom-line savings to date.

Our impact to their business outcomes:


in quality care indicators


in nurse retention


in earnings

Meet the Experts

Stephen Young
Ph.D. I/O Psychology
Senior Research Scientist

Stephen Jeong
Ph.D. I/O Psychology
Senior Faculty, Leader Analytics

Sarah Stawiski
Ph.D. Applied Social Psychology
Director, Insights & Impact Group

Heather Champion
Ph.D. Developmental Psychology
Senior Evaluation Faculty

Additional Resources

Predictive Analytics

Today the pace of change takes bold thinking to navigate complexity and invest in a future-oriented leadership strategy. It also takes accurate, relevant, and actionable data to inform those decisions and align them with your unique business strategy, talent needs, organizational design, and culture.


When you use data and predictive analytics to set leadership development priorities, you make smarter, better-informed decisions about developing your people and your culture. Actionable insights can help guide your strategic investments, translating into a measurable, positive impact on your organization’s success.


Your organization is your people—invest wisely. Get in touch with us today.

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