Using Predictive Analytics to Drive More Effective Leadership Actions

Are your investments in leadership development initiatives producing results that matter? 

CCL Fusion can help you answer that question and take the right actions. Our predictive analytics process clarifies the impact of your people on specific organizational outcomes. Once you understand which people areas influence important business metrics, you can focus first on what helps your organization the most.   

But data analytics is just the beginning. CCL partners with you to turn data-driven insights into leadership initiatives that create sustainable business value. Our goal is to support your most vital priorities by helping you attract, develop, engage, and retain the right talent. 

          Focus on What Matters…

  • Make the most of employee experience and engagement surveys, culture surveys, and 360-degree feedback.
  • Map people data with critical organizational metrics.
  • Identify specific leader behaviors and practices needed to drive strategy.
  • Bring new focus to development efforts.
  • Motivate and align your workforce in support of business strategies.
  • Hold leaders at all levels accountable for results.
  • Monitor progress, evaluate impact, and make informed course corrections.

Five Steps to Better Outcomes

The CCL Fusion team uses a 5-step, evidence-based process to help your organization get to where it wants to go:

  1. Set Priorities. What business objectives are most important to your organization? What are your greatest strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? We work with key stakeholders to identify strategic priorities and the metrics most critical to your success.
  2. Gather data. Our surveys and assessments give insight into your culture, employee experience and engagement, and leader behavior and practices.
  3. Analyze. Using data analytics, we develop a predictive model that connects the dots between your people factors and strategic business metrics. You’ll see which factors limit and accelerate progress and which can help you get to where you need to go.
  4. Take Action. CCL partners with you to create targeted action plans and tailored leadership initiatives focused on accelerating strategy and driving sustainable results.
  5. Assess Impact. Follow-up evaluations and quick “pulse” surveys help you monitor progress – documenting strategic impact and your return on investment.

Analytics in Action

Analyzing the connection between workplace culture and strategic business metrics helped a healthcare organization uncover the costly impact of turnover. New staff retention strategies delivered more than $8 million in bottom-line savings to date.

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