Analytics and Evaluation Services That Shape Leadership

CCL’s Analytics and Evaluation delivers science-based E4 Engagement Solutions, Network Analysis, and Evaluation Services that help you accelerate and measure the return on your leadership development investment. With the help of our experienced team of psychologists, evaluators and “big data” experts, you can make certain you’re developing the appropriate leadership competencies and delivering results that matter to your organization and to the clients you serve.

We begin with an understanding of your most pressing challenges – then harness leadership assessment data to help you identify competency gaps and design more targeted development solutions. We also help you track development outcomes. Analytics-based results are presented in an easy-to-understand format that can be cascaded throughout your organization to document your progress and help you build on your successes.

If you’re ready to get more out of your leadership development investment, let us show you how a data-driven approach can deliver a distinct advantage.

Analytics & Evaluation Services

CCL’s Client Analytics solutions give you unparalleled insights into your organization – including what’s working and what needs to be improved.  We help you use assessment data to better engage employees, to build more effective networks and to determine where to focus your leadership development efforts for greatest strategic impact.

E4 Engagement Solutions

Understand What Excites and Energizes Your Team

Network Analysis

Understand Hidden Connections That Impact Outcomes

Evaluation Services

Understand the Impact of Your Leadership Development Initiatives