Drive Better Outcomes by Bringing Leadership Analytics and People Data to Life

Today the pace of change has created an environment where data is the lifeblood of business. It helps organizations define important challenges, uncover opportunities, set priorities, and compete more successfully on a world stage.

When it comes to leadership and talent management, though, that data-based approach is often missing. Lots of survey and assessment data is collected, but leadership analytics often fall short. A survey of more than 4,000 global executives ranked “improving leadership development” and “managing talent“ as top business priorities – but also as significant areas of weakness. It is clear that current people investments are simply failing to move the needle in meaningful ways.

Our Leadership Analytics Practice can help you close this gap between business priorities and performance by using leadership analytics and talent management data analytics to its fullest. Our “big data” experts, evaluators, and psychologists take a deep dive into information about your leaders, people engagement, corporate culture, and business priorities. We help you uncover new insights, connect the dots, and develop evidence-based action plans that deliver impactful returns. When leadership analytics are used to set leadership development priorities, the odds increase that you’ll produce a transformational impact on your most important business strategies.

            Leadership development is a driving force behind our success at RPM. Predictive analytics have helped us manage and evaluate our leadership journey and move our businesses forward. We are now implementing leadership initiatives we expect to pay off in coming years.


— Steve Knoop
Interim COO at RPM

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When you use data and predictive analytics to set leadership development priorities, you make smarter, better-informed decisions about developing your people and your culture.

Photo: Can People Analytics Revolutionize Change?


Big data is changing what we know and how quickly we know it. “People analytics” is making headlines as the next big front in talent management and human resources.

Predictive Analytics


It takes accurate, relevant, and actionable data to inform decisions and align them with your unique business strategy, talent needs, organizational design, and culture.