Nonprofit Leadership Training

Amplifying Impact Through Effective Nonprofit Leadership

Learn to work courageously, creatively, and collaboratively to solve society's most complex challenges.

Nonprofit organizations are instrumental in changing lives and transforming communities. And nonprofit organizations need effective leadership to successfully advance their missions.

Nonprofit leaders face distinct challenges, including building the future leadership pipeline; attracting, developing, and retaining top talent; navigating complex, resource-constrained environments; and fighting burnout among dedicated staff. Not only are they tasked with protecting the bottom line, but they’re also trying to enact positive social change.

We’re proud to help nonprofits address these challenges and grow the leadership skills of their current and future leaders by providing nonprofit professional development.

Our decades of experience in the sector include partnering with foundations for philanthropic leadership development initiatives like nonprofit leadership training programs for emerging, mid-level, and executive nonprofit staff, and providing development opportunities to next-generation social sector leaders. Together, let’s become a catalyst for change.

Strengthening the Nonprofit Leadership Pipeline

As a nonprofit ourselves, we understand the need for strong, mission-driven, focused leadership. We can help you and your colleagues and partners achieve your mission, advance your cause, and build stronger and more equitable communities.

Whether you’re an executive director of a national charity, or a local or regional cause-related organization, we share your sense of purpose and unwavering passion to improve the human condition.

That’s why we believe in the power of life-changing, transformational leadership development. For emerging leaders, nonprofit training can help them remain mission-focused as they sharpen their skills, filling the organization’s future leadership pipeline. And for mid-level and executive leaders, there are immediate benefits gleaned from nonprofit professional development, including sharpening their ability to navigate challenges and equipping them to build a strong organizational culture. 

leadership development in nonprofit organizations
nonprofit organizations leadership training

Leadership Development in Nonprofit Organizations: Partnering for Success

Our approach is collaborative, and we work with you, your partners, and funders to develop and deliver innovative and top-quality nonprofit leadership training solutions that meet the unique needs of your organization and align with your values and mission.

We offer nonprofit leadership training experiences designed for the distinct environment and specific challenges facing funders, organizations, and community partners working in the nonprofit sector. Like you, we are guided by purpose and fueled by passion.

Combine your talented team with our world-class, research-based nonprofit leadership training solutions.

Nonprofit Professional Development: Choose the Solution That’s Right for You

We can partner with you to help you make investments in your leaders that give you and your community the greatest possible return on investment.

With a combination of leadership analytics, talent diagnostics, 360 assessments, and other instruments, we can do a deep dive into your leaders, your culture, your organizational priorities, and your employee engagement levels to help inform your investments in nonprofit leadership training.

  • Exceptionally thorough and focused on your needs

Starting from the transformative premise that better culture starts with better conversations, our suite of coaching and conversational skills solutions can help you strengthen the fabric of your entire organization and community.

Build and scale coaching skills for more candid and productive conversations, more effective solutions to your challenges, and a stronger, more psychologically safe culture of feedback.

  • Human-centered, research-based development experience
  • Transformational, lasting impact

A job promotion doesn’t automatically create a new leader — it creates the opportunity to become one.

Frontline, first-level, and new managers are your largest population of leaders, the critical people responsible for day-to-day operations, yet most are new to managing others.

Equip them to start strong, or groom those with future leadership potential, using our new manager courses and solutions designed to address the specific challenges of this leader level.

  • Variety of formats and options to meet your needs

What Our Nonprofit Clients Are Saying

At CCL, we measure success by lives touched and impact made. That’s why the organizations we work with and the leaders we transform consistently tell us the same thing: their experience leveraging our nonprofit professional development is a game-changer. These organizations’ investments in nonprofit leadership training have impacted thousands of lives in hundreds of communities.

But don’t just take our word for it – take theirs.

American Express Leadership Academy
Habitat for Humanity
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Disability Rights North Carolina (NC) logo
The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation logo

“American Express is known for growing great leaders, and we’re passionate about applying our skills and expertise to help nonprofits cultivate and advance talent within their own organizations.”

Richard Brown
Vice President of Philanthropy
American Express

Developing a New Generation of Leaders to Bridge a Talent Gap

“The W.K. Kellogg Foundation Community Leadership Network brings knowledge from decades of leadership experience to bear on a primary challenge of our time — how to create equitable communities where all children can thrive. We know that as Community Leadership Network leaders are transformed, their communities will benefit.”

La June Montgomery Tabron
President and CEO
W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Partnering with W.K. Kellogg Foundation for Community Leadership Network Fellowship

Impact of Our Nonprofit Leadership Training

What participants said about the effectiveness of our solutions for leadership development in nonprofit organizations:

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Meet Our Nonprofit Leadership Experts

Tracy Patterson

Portfolio Director & Faculty

Tracy has over 25 years of experience in leading programs and initiatives in the government, nonprofit, and health sectors. Since she joined CCL in 2003, Tracy has directed and expanded our global evaluation function and served as a facilitator for leadership development, program design, and capacity-building programs with nonprofit organizations. In her role, Tracy collaborates with internal and external partners to develop and deliver innovative leadership development solutions to meet the unique needs of nonprofit organizations.

Shera Clark

Shera J. Clark, PhD

Program Director & Senior Faculty

For over 20 years, Shera has conceptualized, managed, and led leadership development initiatives and organizational transformations for global companies, nonprofit organizations, and community partnerships. She authored our guidebook Feedback That Works for Nonprofit Organizations and a chapter on “Action Learning With Community-Based Nonprofits” in the book Experience-Driven Leader Development. Her interests include building leadership capacity in the nonprofit sector and the changing face of diversity in the workplace.

Jayke Hamill

Jayke Hamill


For over a decade, Jayke has been working to build the capacity of organizations in areas of community leadership; interpersonal conflict; equity, diversity, and inclusion; and social change. These passions formed when he worked as a local organizer and community educator in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee. At CCL, Jayke provides nonprofit leadership training solutions for individuals, teams, and communities. An ally of many social movements, Jayke is experienced in addressing issues of identity, access, and marginalization.

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Nonprofit Leadership Training: Research & Resources

Frequently Asked Questions About Nonprofit Leadership Training

A nonprofit organization needs effective leadership to successfully achieve its mission. Training nonprofit leaders and staff reduces burnout, builds leadership skills, strengthens and advances the cause, and builds stronger, more equitable organizations and communities.

A good nonprofit leader is an individual who is a mission-driven team player guided by purpose. They are passionate about igniting systemic change, and they proactively work to create a candid, collaborative culture within their organization. Additionally, a strong nonprofit leader rises to the occasion when faced with challenges, and finds new opportunities to invest in their team through nonprofit leadership training.

Our research-backed nonprofit leadership training programs are created for emerging, mid-level, and senior or executive-level staff. Whether you’re a current or future leader tasked with building the nonprofit leadership pipeline, attracting talent, or navigating complex challenges, our decades of research and experience in the public sector can help you become a catalyst for change.

The benefits of nonprofit professional development include leaders with a renewed sense of purpose, reduced burnout, improved communication skills, strengthened team alignment, advancement toward the mission, and more equitable and inclusive organizations and communities. Plus, our nonprofit leadership training solutions can be customized to meet the needs of your organization’s unique values, culture, challenges, and mission.

More questions? Our experts are here to help. Let’s have a conversation!

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