Disruptive Trends Report: Talent Reimagined 2020

Disruptive Trends Report: Talent Reimagined 2020

The Human Element of Disruption

To better understand the state of disruption and its implications for leaders, our research team conducted a study asking executives around the world to name the most significant disruptive trends shaping their organizations in coming years.

This report builds on our 2019 emerging leadership trends research, and uncovers:

  • The top 5 disruptions and the powerful opportunities and competing tensions of each.
  • How people amplify — or undermine — an organization’s ability to harness the power of these disruptive forces.
  • Strategies to help your organization respond to these disruptions and turn them into competitive advantage.

The opportunities of these disruptive trends remain rooted in classic leadership challenges. That’s why, as we enter the next decade, your organization’s talent and culture are critical — more so now than ever.

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Download our newest trends report, Talent Reimagined: The Human Element of Disruption, to learn the top disruptive trends and how organizations can respond.

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January 10, 2020
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