As the size of an organization’s workforce and annual revenue varies, so too does its investment in talent. So how much do companies typically spend on leadership development?

Building a strong pipeline of leaders can help provide a competitive advantage. But how do you know whether your organization’s investments are keeping up with industry peers?

It can be challenging to plan and budget programs for all levels of leaders. How much do you spend on individual contributors, middle managers, and senior executives? And how much should be allotted for developing your high potentials?

Our benchmarking report, based on 3 research studies we conducted with HR leaders at organizations around the globe, reveals how much organizations are investing in leadership development, where they’re spending the most, and which delivery formats are on the rise. It also explores how organizations are striking a balance between the use of internally-sourced training and outsourced expertise.

Learn what HR executives say is — and isn’t — working today, and the improvements they’re planning for a winning leadership development strategy for tomorrow.

You can also learn more by watching our webinar on Benchmarking the State of Leadership Development.

Published: October 2019
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