• Published October 29, 2019
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Benchmarking the State of Leadership Development Spending: Today & Tomorrow

Benchmarking the State of Leadership Development Spending: Today & Tomorrow

The State of the Leadership Training Market

As the size of an organization’s workforce and annual revenue varies, so too does its investment in talent. So how much do companies typically spend on leadership development?

Building a strong pipeline of leaders can help provide a competitive advantage. But how do you know whether your organization’s investments are keeping up with industry peers?

It can be challenging to plan and budget programs for all levels of leaders. How much do you spend on individual contributors, middle managers, and senior executives? And how much should be allotted for developing your high potentials?

Our benchmarking report, based on 3 research studies we conducted with HR leaders at organizations around the globe, reveals the state of the leadership training market, including how much organizations are investing in leadership development, where they’re spending the most, and which delivery formats are on the rise. It also explores how organizations are striking a balance between the use of internally-sourced training and outsourced expertise.

Learn what HR executives say is — and isn’t — working today, and the improvements they’re planning for a winning leadership development strategy for tomorrow.

In addition to sharing the state of the leadership training market, this report examines:

  • Who typically owns the leadership development budget;
  • How much organizations are spending, based on revenue, workforce size, and leader level;
  • How much organizations usually devote to developing their high-potential talent; and on internally- versus externally-sourced development initiatives;
  • Adoption rates for digital delivery methods versus face-to-face training; and
  • The most common challenges organizations face with leadership development delivery.

Download our research report now for our recommendations for HR leaders to build a successful leadership development strategy for their organizations, based on the state of the leadership training market.

Download Research Report

Download Research Report

Download our Benchmarking the State of Leadership Development report to see how much organizations typically spend on training and how your company compares.

  • Published October 29, 2019
  • 2 Minute Read

Based on Research by

Mike Cook
Mike Cook
Global Market & Client Insights Manager

Mike is responsible for analyzing and synthesizing trends in the global markets for talent management and training and development, especially as they pertain to leadership development. He also manages our global client loyalty measurement program and regularly measures client satisfaction and loyalty, presents actionable data, and works with key stakeholder groups to implement client improvements.

Paula Morrow
Paula Morrow
Former Global Marketing Research Manager

Paula was responsible for delivering client insights and data-driven recommendations that help define strategy and facilitate the speed and accuracy of decision making. She led the design, development, and delivery of both primary and secondary marketing research solutions to stakeholders across CCL. Now part of our Societal Impact team, Paula remains a key internal advocate for the client voice.

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