Emerging Trends Report: Talent Reimagined (2019)

Emerging Trends Report: Talent Reimagined (2019)

7 Emerging Trends for Transformative Leaders

Rapid technology innovations. Revolving doors of mergers and acquisitions. Massive cultural shifts. Our world — and our work — are in a state of perpetual change.

To thrive in a dynamic, uncertain, and fast-changing world, organizations need agile, digitally savvy, and effective leaders at all levels — and they need them now: from top executives to first-time managers, and everyone in between.

Informed by our Leading Insights research community, this report reveals the 7 most pressing challenges and imperatives shaping the workforce of the future and provides specific strategies to help you respond.

Infographic: 7 Emerging Trends for Transformative Leaders

About Talent Reimagined

This report on emerging trends in leadership development is based on research with our proprietary Leading Insights research community. We surveyed hundreds of clients, leaders, and decision-makers in the Learning & Development field, representing a cross-section of industry, education, and nonprofit sectors from over 65 countries. We asked them to weigh in on the latest trends, disruptions, and challenges they’re facing in leadership development, and how organizations are responding.

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February 26, 2019
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