Navigating the New Normal: Accelerating Leadership Success in Asia

Navigating the New Normal: Accelerating Leadership Success in Asia Research Report

Organizations around the world continue to deal with perhaps the biggest existential crisis of our time as they attempt to adjust to the new normal. The combined social, economic, and health crises due to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to stress-test organizations, forcing them to stare at the potential reality of bankruptcy and question their former approaches to leadership success. While leaders at exemplar companies tackle numerous business challenges every day to keep their operations afloat, they continue to focus on developing talent to get them ready for an upturned business environment which is now the new normal.

Organizations Seek to Expand and Fast-Track Leadership Success

As businesses continue to evolve and pivot during the crisis, business leaders expect leadership development to be more dynamic than ever before. Businesses want leaders with newer skills such as agility, empathy, and digital readiness in order to survive in the new normal or leverage current business opportunities that the crisis may present. While businesses seek to fast-track leadership success, HR teams toil to align their leadership development initiatives with dynamic business strategies, the glut of available technology options, and evolving internal processes.

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Cultural Alignment: Making Learning the Core of the New Normal

In order to get the right balance across quantity of leaders, the qualities and skills that leaders must have, and their speed of development, HR must ensure that leadership development aligns along 4 planes — culture, business, technology, and process. More than ever before, organizations must invest in curating a culture of learning to bring focus back on development and accelerating leadership success. The onus lies on business and HR leadership to not let the focus on development get fuzzy during the crisis period. Development is an investment, and organizations with a compelling learning culture will see that, rather than viewing it as a privilege or a benefit.

This report, based on in-depth interviews with 37 HR executives, articulates how the current disruption has reframed the leadership development model and approach in organizations, and what lessons organizations have learned as they strive to develop their cadre of future-ready leaders.

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Based on the collective wisdom of CHROs in Asia, this report uncovers the challenges faced by organizations today, and strategies that can be implemented to scale and accelerate leadership success in Asia.

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October 15, 2021
About the Author(s)
Sunil Puri
Sunil is the former Senior Director and Head of Asia-Pacific Research, Innovation, and Product Development at CCL, where he led and managed research teams and initiatives in APAC and ASEAN/South Asia. He holds an MTech in Energy Studies from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
Anand Chandrasekar
Anand Chandrasekar is a Leadership Solutions Specialist and Societal Advancement Lead (APAC) at CCL, where he helps clients to identify leadership needs, design and deliver leadership development solutions, articulate leadership solution outcomes, and evaluate the solutions for impact and improvement. He holds a PhD in international management from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, an MBus from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and a BE in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of Madras, India.

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