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In today’s volatile and fast-paced business environment, “trial by fire” can be an effective way to help leaders learn to think and act more quickly, preparing them for the next level of responsibility. In fact, some organizations are boldly using extremely challenging stretch assignments—what we call “heat experiences”—combined with targeted, tailored support as a way to accelerate their leadership development.

What makes an experience “hot”? When the challenge is unfamiliar and there are many unknowns, when an issue is complex with many stakeholders and competing demands, or when there is a high level of risk, heat levels rise.

Too much heat can leave workers feeling burnt out and overwhelmed—but not enough, and ambitious leaders will feel bored and disengaged. Just the right amount, combined with appropriate support, can determine whether an experience is debilitating or developmental.

In this webinar, we’ll share real-world examples of how heat experiences can accelerate learning for leaders, helping them improve how they respond in high-stress, high-stakes situations. Join us to learn:

  • The 3 levels of heat experiences, and the support and development needs associated with each
  • How to identify the appropriate level of heat for your organization’s leaders
  • Ways to recognize when you or your team is going through a heat experience
  • Warning signs that indicate a leader or team is “overheating”
  • The role of deliberate practice and a safe-to-fail environment in increasing heat tolerance
  • Which types of experiential learning develop heat readiness the fastest

Whether you’re a manager in the midst of a stressful stretch assignment, an executive preparing your organization for transformation, or an HR leader seeking to accelerate learning, join us to explore how heat can develop future-ready leaders.

You can also learn more by reading our white paper, Turn Up the Heat, Turn Up the Learning.


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About The Presenter

Chris Watz
Senior Faculty
Center for Creative Leadership

For 16 years Chris has influenced senior leaders to continuously transform themselves and their businesses in rapid growth organizations. Having led high-stakes strategic initiatives across 40+ countries, Chris is constantly experimenting with how to help leaders and their organizations scale faster. Chris is currently a Senior Faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership, where he builds and delivers highly unique leadership development experiences. He also works with senior teams to help them navigate their leadership challenges more effectively.

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