Duration: 1 hour
Price: Free

As HR, Training, and Learning & Development teams work to plan their investments for 2020 and beyond, developing leaders at all levels remains a priority to drive organizational results. Building a strong talent pipeline helps organizations achieve competitive advantage in a constantly changing environment. But how much do companies typically spend on leadership development, and where are they investing for the future?

In this webinar, we’ll share findings from our recent research study on these questions and more, part of the forthcoming release of our new report, Benchmarking the State of Leadership Development: Today & Tomorrow. We’ll explore how organizations are currently spending their leadership development dollars and where they plan to invest in the future; what organizations report is working well in leadership development today; what buyers and learners say they want in the future; and the key components to a winning leadership development investment strategy.

After this webinar, you’ll:

  • Understand how much companies typically spend on leadership development;
  • Learn how large and small organizations are investing in their people, by leader level;
  • Discover which delivery formats organizations plan to use to develop their leaders in the future; and
  • Identify what is, and isn’t, working well with leadership development today.

This webinar will provide invaluable insights on an effective leadership development investment strategy, both for in-house HR/L&D/Organizational Development/Training professionals, as well as external HR consultants and coaches. Join us for a preview of our brand-new benchmarking research into the state of leadership development, both today and in the future.

About The Presenters

Susan Smith
Director, Global Marketing Strategy

Susan is responsible for integrating all aspects of client, competitor, and market intelligence to formulate marketing strategies, tactics, and metrics for the Americas, Asia Pacific, and EMEA. The group consists of marketing research, marketing analysis, and marketing management. It performs analyses on competitors and clients, builds customer profiles, and identifies opportunities for growth through product, market, or channel development.

Mike Cook
Global Markets & Client Insights Manager

Mike is responsible for analyzing and synthesizing trends in the global markets for talent management and training and development, especially as it pertains to leadership development. He also manages CCL's global client loyalty measurement program and regularly measures client satisfaction and loyalty, presents actionable data, and works with key stakeholder groups to implement client improvements.

Paula Morrow
Global Marketing Research Manager

Paula is responsible for delivering client insights and data-driven recommendations that help define strategy and facilitate the speed and accuracy of decision making. She leads the design, development, and delivery of both primary and secondary marketing research solutions to stakeholders including CCL Enterprise, Global Marketing, Global Product Development, and Global Research. Paula is a key internal advocate for the client voice.

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