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Accelerate growth by elevating your leadership tools and expanding the offerings you deliver to clients. The CCL Channel Partner Network enables organizations like yours to deliver consistent, robust, and trusted content to leaders. Our solutions provide you with a world-class suite of assessments, programs, kits, and tools focused on addressing key leadership challenges your clients face.

Amplify your impact and propel your clients’ leaders to new levels with the support of our Channel Partner Network.

Ignite Your Leadership Offering With a Trusted Partner

To deliver cutting-edge leadership development, you need a partner with experience. And at CCL, we’ve been dedicated to leadership for over 50 years — innovating best practices, advancing the field, and transforming the way leaders, organizations, and communities confront the most difficult challenges of the 21st century.

With our proven leadership tools, you can…


Tap into world-class content, research, and leadership tools


Improve program quality and consistency, even with limited time


Engage new clients with a comprehensive product offering


Leverage your team’s talent to grow your business


Generate new leads with sales tools and marketing support

Leadership Tools for Our Channel Network Partners

Leadership Programs (live online & in person)Access our powerful and proven leadership programs.
Workshop Kits (live online & in person)Support client development initiatives with our flexible, scalable kits.
AssessmentsHelp organizations harness the power of feedback with our suite of 360-degree assessments.
Facilitator ToolsGuide creative, collaborative conversations in leadership and life.

Join the CCL Channel Partner Network, Unlock New Benefits

Even with a highly talented team, it can be challenging to scale up, without the time needed to build an expansive portfolio of course offerings and research. Contact us to join our Channel Partner Network and expand your capabilities with our full suite of leadership tools and offerings.

  • Access ready-to-deliver assessments, programs, and digital learning tools focused on addressing unique client challenges
  • Grow your organization with our business development, sales, and marketing tools
  • Leverage our social media marketing guide to enhance your marketing reach
  • Get assistance from our dedicated Channel Partner Support Team in onboarding and implementation of our programs
  • Receive incentives for eligible products
  • Gather research and insights from our exclusive leadership resources and library
  • Engage in networking opportunities with other CCL Channel Partner Network members and thought partners

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