Our organizational change point-of-view highlights how building the core capabilities to navigate organizational change also requires developing the ability to lead the human side of change AND manage the operationalization of structural organizational change initiatives.   It is a both/and process that ultimately leads to a “change capable” organization of people who create sustainable impact.


Organizational Change Leadership for Successful Transformation

Change is everywhere. And it’s on everyone’s agenda to solve. But we do change better. Why? Because we go beyond change management and offer expertise in change leadership. Our change model focuses on the inside-out elements of leading change within organizations. The approach includes both sides – the practical and emotional sides of change. With CCL, you don’t have to choose between managing change and leading change. You can do both equally well. Forty years of experience working with organizations and asking about the pressing challenges means we understand the human side of change inside and out – just like our approach to it.

What we do

You can lead change proactively with a bigger strategic mindset, or you can manage change mostly reactively.  The difference is whether you are limited to a traditional, horizontal flat focus based in education and training for system and process changes — or whether you can also commit to vertical development and the potential progression of bigger minds capable of aligned complex thinking to deal with the complexity of change you must face.

Leading change requires you to change both beliefs and behaviors throughout the organization so that everyone, from front-line workers to the executive team, supports the changes required to successfully execute your business strategy.  Beliefs drive decisions drive repeated behaviors.  Embedded old beliefs and assumptions kill new change.   If you want best practices, you need best beliefs.

Whether you are facing a single system/process-based change program, or continuous, complex organizational change, CCL can help you successfully navigate change through Organizational Change Leadership.

Our process

Our three-phase process includes the human side of change – talent and culture – aligned with the strategy.

  • Determine senior leaders’ change capability
  • Initiate organizational leadership development to change from inside-out
  • Create the engine of change through leaders developing leaders

Maybe you’ve already started to make a significant organizational change, but are disappointed with the results.  Talk with us.  We’ll meet you where you are.


Drawing on years of experience, CCL offers a four part model and four mindsets that allow organizations to deal with multiple changes simultaneously without drowning in the churn.

  • Discover what is required to manage change and where gaps exist
  • Decide on the highest priority behaviors, beliefs and systems to focus on and who can act as change agents
  • Do the right things to dramatically boost your ability to execute successful change
  • Discern what works best in your organization that you can embed for systemic change


In today’s dynamic business environment, most people don’t talk about change leadership. They talk about change management. Leadership marries the hardcore business side of change with the emotional side of change – both critical to successful delivery of new strategic imperatives.

Successful change is a matter of leadership.  At CCL, we know more about leadership than anyone in the world.

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