Our Online Resilience Program Will Help Your Team Recharge

Burnout doesn’t have to be inevitable – let us help you discover how to re-think, recharge, and burn bright instead. We know that being a leader in our complex, ambiguous, and fast-paced world can be draining. But just like you wouldn’t expect your car to keeping running without stopping for fuel, real productivity doesn’t come from blindly pushing harder and working longer.

Our online resilience program provides a natural counterpunch to burn out. Combining the latest neuroscience, psychology, and leadership research, this transformative online course shows leaders how to engage in a series of small but intentional, mutually reinforcing behaviors to harness their energy and ultimately make it easier to lead their teams and do their job effectively.

Who Should Attend This Online Resilience Program?

Our leading-edge tactics for performance and resilience can benefit anyone, anytime, in any organization. This powerful resilience program is for leaders at all levels of an organization who are looking for ways to more effectively manage their energy and perform at their best.

Why Choose a Resilience Course Online?

When leaders are owning their full power and operating from it, it puts your organization at an advantage. That’s what burning bright means to us. And we want to make sure leaders are able to do that sustainably and authentically. The key is looking at resilience as recharge, and translating that into practical, day-to-day actions. This course combines our experienced faculty and world-class, research-driven content with an intuitive online learning platform that invites leaders to learn and grow anytime, anywhere.

How The Resilience Advantage Reimagines Virtual Learning

This tactic-rich online resilience program will help your organization build teams of engaged, motivated, and recharged leaders who more regularly give their all to what they do – at work and beyond. Using science-backed principles, individual participants will:

  • Understand the importance of resilience & energy in effective leadership
  • Explore a wide range of recharge/resilience techniques
  • Connect with fellow leaders who are experiencing similar challenges
  • Develop short but impactful resilience rituals & routines that take up just 2% of the day, fend off burnout, and address specific personal challenges


12-hour virtual leadership development experience delivered over 4 weeks in a self-paced journey, guided by a leadership expert

Faculty/Participant ratio:

1 moderator:35 participants


Virtual – Learn in the flow of work


$800 USD*

*contact us to learn more about volume pricing options

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What Learners Will Experience in Burn Bright: The Resilience Advantage

Meaningful recharge should be practical and accessible, no matter your workload. Led by our leadership experts in an interactive and intimate virtual learning environment, this program takes rigorous, cross-disciplinary research about performance and leadership and distills it into a transformative, personalized experience that blends seamlessly into the flow of work.

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