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Feedback is a gift.

Your most critical duty as a leader is giving & receiving feedback.


There’s no question that we are constantly receiving feedback from our environment – bosses, co-workers, clients, partners…. There’s a lot of information headed in our direction all the time. How do you determine what feedback to apply or ignore? As a leader, how do you ensure your feedback is being heard and will be applied?

CCL’s Situation — Behavior — Impact model (SBI) walks you through the steps for providing effective feedback. When you use this model, you create and deliver a message based on observed performance — the key to effective feedback. The receiver can then walk away understanding what he/she did and the impact it had on you.


Describe the situation. Be specific
about when and where it occurred.


Describe the observable behavior.
Don’s assume you know what the
other person was thinking


Describe what you thought or
felt in reaction to the behavior.

At CCL, we understand how crucial it is for leaders to give and receive effective feedback. That’s why feedback is an integral part of all our leadership programscoaching services, and assessments.

Contact a CCL Client Solutions expert today to find the right leadership solutions for individuals and organizations. Be sure to ask about our customized solutions too.


CCL offers Executives, HR Professionals, and Managers/Leaders almost 200 titles on leadership development. All our publications are written by CCL professionals, noted experts in leadership development, or below-the-radar thought leaders. View all our titles.

Ideas Into Action Guidebook Series

Guidebooks are perfect references and development tools for employees and managers at all levels. In a format that is quick and easy to read, these books provide practical advice on coaching, feedback, teams, conflict, innovation, career success, resiliency, and more.

Almost all of our Ideas into Action guidebooks are available digital format, and many are available in other languages such as Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, and others.

Digital Learning

CCL’s approach to digital learning uses a mix of engaging content and interactive exercises to provide real feedback for quick transfer of learning and faster application to on-the job-challenges. Find out more about our digital learning offerings.

Self-Paced eCourses

Every self-paced eCourse is developed from CCL Research and crafted specifically for leadership development.

In-House Solutions

The Center for Creative Leadership’s SBI:Feedback that Works In-House Solution provides HR professionals, trainers, and workshop leaders with proven content in leadership development that can be delivered face-to-face, blended, or virtual.  No certification required.

CCL’s In-House Solutions are:

  • Built on proven CCL research and experience
  • Developed especially for HR professionals, trainers, and workshop leaders with facilitation experience
  • Cost effective


Some conversations are difficult to start. Let CCL help. Drawn from the knowledge of more than forty years of research and educational activity, CCL has designed a number of tools to help facilitate the leadership development process in individual, teams and organizations. Discover how a CCL tool can help you facilitate leadership development.

Leadership Explorer™ Tools

Leadership Explorer™ tools support creative, more collaborative conversations in leadership, learning, and life.

Assessments & Programs

360-degree assessments are widely used for leadership and talent development. Through 360s, employers, coaches and consultants can help talent at all levels:

Identify skill gaps and create development plans.

Recognize strengths and ways to leverage them.

Prepare for next steps and new opportunities.

Benchmarks® 360 Assessment Suite

This Suite includes 4 research-based 360-degree instruments with a consistent reporting format to help organizations create a common leadership language and consistent feedback process at multiple levels through the company.

CCL can certify you to facilitate and administer all four instruments through our Assessment Certification Workshop, offered at CCL or through a customized group workshop at your facility.

CCL Earns Third Straight Top 5 Ranking from Financial TimesCCL Earns Third Straight Top 5 Ranking from Financial Times

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