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American Express Leadership Academy
Developing a New Generation of Leaders to Bridge a Talent Gap

As part of its strong commitment to philanthropy and volunteerism, American Express has teamed with CCL to train emerging nonprofit leaders in the skills they need to move up, take on new responsibilities, and lead their organizations into the future.

Copa Airlines - CCL
Helping Leaders Form Deeper Connections by Building Active Listening & Feedback Skills

Read this case study to learn more about CCL’s partnership with Copa Airlines to help its leaders build active listening skills.

How to Give the Most Effective Feedback
How to Give the Most Effective Feedback

Learning to give effective feedback and understanding the different types of feedback can make all the difference between an effective performance review and a conversation that both people dread.

Immediately Improve Your Talent Development with the SBI Feedback Model - CCL
Immediately Improve Talent Development With Our SBI Feedback Model

Help managers hold more effective talent conversations and give more constructive feedback, and you’ll greatly improve your talent development processes.

American Express Leadership Academy
Leadership Development for Nonprofit Leaders: 10 Years of Impact

This alumni survey was conducted to commemorate ten years of CCL and American Express working together to provide nonprofit leadership development opportunities and to understand the experiences of participants after they complete the American Express Leadership Academy program.

Collaborative Crop Research Program McKnight Foundation Logo
Leveraging Leadership in Community Agriculture

Learn how CCL partnered with the McKnight Foundation to customize a leadership development program for their Collaborative Crop Research Program (CCRP) West Africa Community of Practice (CoP).

Teamwork: How to Be an Activator, Not a Blocker
Teamwork: How to Be an Activator, Not a Blocker

In a team, every member plays a role that either helps or hinders progress. Learn some helpful communications tools so you can be a teamwork activator instead of a blocker.

Use Situation-Behavior-Impact (SBI)™ to Understand Intent
Use Situation-Behavior-Impact (SBI)™ to Understand Intent

Want to give more effective feedback? Learn how to use our SBI feedback model to close the gap between a person’s intentions and the impact of their behavior.

image of 2 coworkers talking, representing a tough conversation with a difficult employee
Why (and How) to Confront Difficult Employees

Have a difficult colleague? Confrontation may seem scary, but when done correctly, it leads to positive outcomes for everyone involved. Here’s how to get the best results.


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