United States Forces Iraq and the United States of America Embassy logos
Boundary Spanning in a High-Pressure, High-Stakes Environment

Learn how the U.S. State Department and U.S. Department of Defense partnered with CCL to successfully implement Operation New Dawn in Iraq in 2010.

BeyondTrust CCL
Building a Culture of Learning and Leadership at Scale with Frontline Leader Impact

Learn how cyber-security company BeyondTrust partnered with CCL to deploy our FLI virtual training experience at different levels across the organization.

Communicating in a Crisis: What, When, and How
Communicating in a Crisis: What, When, and How

Here are some practical tips on what, when, and how to communicate in order to help you connect with your team and organization at a time when stress is high and there’s a lot at stake.

Copa Airlines - CCL
Helping Leaders Form Deeper Connections by Building Active Listening & Feedback Skills

Read this case study to learn more about CCL’s partnership with Copa Airlines to help its leaders build active listening skills.

Tarrant County College logo
Higher Education Institution Builds Cohesive Leadership Culture with a Custom Leadership Development Program

Learn how CCL partnered with Tarrant County College to build their leadership culture with a custom leadership development program.

Effective Virtual Communication: How to Craft Your Persona - Center for Creative Leadership
How to Craft Your Persona for Effective Virtual Communication

With the shift to remote work, leaders’ virtual communication skills are more important than ever. Learn how to assess and improve your virtual communication effectiveness.

image of people standing on painted venn diagram representing concept of virtual collaboration
How to Improve Your Organization’s Virtual Collaboration

With remote and hybrid work on the rise, effective virtual collaboration has never been more important. Success requires more than technological solutions – don’t overlook the importance of interpersonal skill development, too.

University of Notre Dame
Improving Conversations to Scale Cultural Change

Read this case study to learn more about CCL’s partnership with the University of Notre Dame to scale cultural change by helping leaders improve feedback.

Collaborative Crop Research Program McKnight Foundation Logo
Leveraging Leadership in Community Agriculture

Learn how CCL partnered with the McKnight Foundation to customize a leadership development program for their Collaborative Crop Research Program (CCRP) West Africa Community of Practice (CoP).

Medical and Healthcare Services - CCL
Making Coaching a Positive Development Opportunity

We partnered with this healthcare system to help make coaching a positive experience and to create a coaching-focused culture. Read this case study to learn more about our sophisticated training for existing and new coaches.

Financial Services Generic Logo
Retaining Talent by Building a More Trusting Culture

Learn how CCL partnered with a financial services company to develop a common leadership language and build a more collaborative, trusting culture.

The Best Ways to Communicate Your Organization’s Vision
The Best Ways to Communicate Your Organization’s Vision

Part of a leader’s job is to generate commitment to the organization’s vision. Learn what vision is and our tips for communicating vision so that it matters to employees.

Challenge & Change Workplace Culture to Lead in Today’s Disrupted World - CCL Playbook
Unlearn to Transform: Challenge & Change Workplace Culture for Today’s World

Are unexamined norms stifling your organization’s efforts to change workplace culture? Download our playbook to discover 3 common beliefs that must be unlearned first for success.

Why Communication Is So Important for Leaders
Why Communication Is So Important for Leaders

Do you know how to effectively communicate at work? It’s the core of everything we do, and yet many of us have significant room for improvement.

Women's Professional Forum logo
Women’s Professional Forum Foundation Helps Girls Become Lifelong Leaders

The Women’s Professional Forum partnered with CCL to develop Girls Leadership Edge, a leadership development curriculum for girls between the ages of 13 and 15.


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