When properly designed, delivered, and evaluated, digital learning initiatives can change a company’s corporate culture, improve employee engagement, and increase retention. This white paper explores strategies leaders can use to make digital learning initiatives more effective within their organizations.

So what is a digital learning initiative? Any learning initiative that leverages technology to reach people in different places at different times.

Assessing the development needs of the organization and taking time to get senior management’s support provides a firm foundation to build the initiative.

Often a company will license a large digital learning library, using the theory that there is “something for everyone.” But such a broad initiative often lacks focus and strategy. One year later, the utilization rate for is often below 10%.

When our designers work with clients, we don’t recommend purchasing our entire library for an entire population. We carefully assess a client’s unique needs and recommend content appropriate for the audience.

As with any important learning initiative, a leadership-focused digital learning initiative begins with a clear strategy and well-planned tactics. Our suggestions are informed by our work, which draws on more than 40 years of experience in researching leadership and developing leaders in diverse industries across the world.

Ensure sustained success by connecting learners with each other and with mentors, and by providing effective evaluation to confirm that development is progressing and that there is a measurable return on investment. When used strategically, technology offers talent leaders another useful item for their leadership development toolkits.

When properly designed, delivered, and evaluated, digital learning initiatives can change a company’s corporate culture, improve employee engagement, and increase retention. On the flip side, if done poorly, digital learning initiatives can end up as meaningless corporate activities.
In order to succeed, you’ll need to implement these 6 components:
1. Less is More. The right amount of learning, served at the right time, and in the right portions keeps a leader growing.
2. Support from the Top. Take time to educate the senior leadership team about the initiative and get the team’s support to ensure that a foundation for success is strategically laid out early in the process.
3. Learner-Centered Design. Humans are creatures of habit. If you set up a cadence that your learners get used to, you will find that they will keep coming back.
4. Leaders as Teachers. For this to be implemented, talent leaders will need to give employees the tools they need to become good teachers.
5. Learning Partnerships. Learners need the support of key partners to stay motivated and engaged to ensure that learning is sustained past the classroom.
6. What Gets Measured Gets Done. The measurement of any developmental effort is important to ensure that it’s effective and that the return on investment is meaningful.


Study our complete report (below) about what each of these components means and how you can implement them, but save this short-list as a sort of cheat-sheet to revisit as you move along, checking in to make sure you’re keeping all of these essential aspects in mind.

Download the full white paper below to learn more about these 6 crucial strategies that will accelerate your organization’s digital learning initiative.

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