When properly designed, delivered, and evaluated, digital learning initiatives can change a company’s corporate culture, improve employee engagement, and increase retention. On the flip side, if done poorly, digital learning initiatives can end up as check-the-box corporate initiatives that give learning a bad name.

This paper explores 6 strategies that talent leaders can leverage to make digital learning initiatives more effective than within their organization.

Infographic: 6 Recommendations for Successful Digital Learning Initiatives

As with any important learning initiative, a leadership-focused digital learning initiative begins with a clear strategy and well-planned tactics. Our recommendations are informed by our work at CCL, which has nearly 50 years of experience in researching leadership and developing leaders in diverse industries across the world, including over 20 years of experience working in the technology-driven learning industry.


Download the full white paper below to learn more about these 6 recommendations to make your organization’s digital learning initiative more effective.

Or, view our webinar, 6 Strategies for Digital Learning Success.

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