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Effective empathy and inclusion in the workplace can change the game, shifting mediocre performance to a vibrant work culture that fosters the willingness of employees to invest discretionary effort and gain a sense of belonging. With increased levels of inclusion, all employees can experience enhanced curiosity, agility, and innovation – especially employees who are underrepresented and disadvantaged.

Join our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion experts, Emma Flack and Abigail Dunne-Moses, to explore the power of inclusion in the workplace. This exploration will leave you with examples of practical and immediately applicable acts of inclusion that have the potential to transform your organization’s human resource brand.

Positioning inclusion within the wider context of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion is imperative. We know from research that each component of EDI is necessary in order to make sustainable transformation in individuals, teams, and organizational culture. At CCL, we use our REAL framework as a way to shift mindsets, behaviors, and practices towards more equitable, diverse, and inclusive leadership.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The potential of empathy and inclusion in your organization.
  • 3 common forms of collateral damage to watch out for in your efforts to build empathy and inclusion.
  • How to implement the 4 steps of REAL to:
    • Reveal relevant opportunities,
    • Elevate equity,
    • Activate diversity, and
    • Lead inclusively.
You can also learn more in our article, When Inclusive Leadership Goes Wrong — and How to Get it Right
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About The Presenters

Abigail Dunne-Moses
Senior Faculty Member
Center for Creative Leadership

Abigail Dunne-Moses is a Senior Faculty Member at the Center for Creative Leadership in the Societal Advancement group. Before joining CCL, Abigail spent over 20 years as an independent consultant, delivering performance management training, leadership development, and organizational development to Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. Abigail’s passion for consulting is born out of her life and educational experiences on 3 continents, namely Africa, Europe, and America.

Emma Flack
Leadership Solutions Partner
Center for Creative Leadership

Emma Flack is a Leadership Solutions Partner at the Center for Creative Leadership, designing and delivering custom leadership programs for managers and senior leaders across various industries. Her focus areas include change leadership, and Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion programs for women and leaders of color. Over her career, Emma has led leadership development and talent management programs for Fortune 500 companies as a consultant and through internal industry roles.

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