Succeeding as a team requires managing both organizational challenges and team dynamics.

Teamwork comes with a unique set of challenges: getting commitment from team members, reconciling different and sometimes competing agendas, uniting behind a shared purpose — the list goes on.

Improve your teams’ effectiveness by partnering with us for leading-edge team coaching services that raise awareness of team member differences and explore collaborative ways of working together to improve organizational effectiveness.

“If you want to truly take your skills to the next level, you must be willing to objectively listen to input from your team, managers and colleagues. Selecting the appropriate audience with the guidance from your coach, gives the ability to truly morph you into the leader you desire to become.”

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Audra Wilkes

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What Is Team Coaching?

What exactly is “team coaching,” and how can it help improve team dynamics? 

At CCL, when we speak of team coaching, we’re referring to the process of a single coach working with a team of leaders, giving each member the opportunity to stretch beyond their current abilities. This type of coaching has evolved alongside increasingly team-oriented workplaces.  

Team Coaching Solutions

Develop More Effective Teams with Team Coaching

Our team coaching process starts with a thorough assessment of your team, so your coach can develop a deep understanding and alignment around the key organizational challenges and current team dynamics.

Your coach then creates a team coaching journey, which can be targeted to achieve the following outcomes: 

  • Increased self-awareness of traits and behaviors and their impact on team dynamics
  • Establishment of guiding principles to achieve the vision and strategy of the organization
  • Increased direction, alignment, and commitment resulting in greater team effectiveness

Why Choose Our Team Coaching Solutions?

At CCL, we have a unique perspective on team development, informed by 5 decades of research on how people work together effectively. When we partner with clients for team coaching, we:

  • Consider team development a journey with discrete phases, rather than an event, because sustainable change takes time;
  • Place the team’s business goals at the center of our team coaching approach and solution;
  • Start with team assessment data, comparing the team’s current and desired states, so everyone has a clear understanding of the goals;
  • Consider the team within the context of the larger organization; and
  • Work simultaneously with the team and with each individual and define coaching-supported developmental plans at both levels.

And you can count on a great fit and productive team coaching relationship, because our experts take your needs and your team members’ skillsets, personalities, and language into account to match your team with a coach from among our deep well of over 600 highly trained, world-class coaches.

Let’s Discuss Your Team Coaching Needs

Our experts are here to help. Let’s talk about how our team coaching services can drive business results for your organization.

Team Leadership Coaching: Research & Resources

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