The Center for Creative Leadership’s headquarters for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) are based in Brussels, Belgium in the prestigious Woluwe-Saint-Lambert neighbourhood. From April 1st, 2012, CCL EMEA holds its programs at its own brand new campus, which blends modern training facilities with a creative office space in the exclusive surroundings of the famous Woluwe Park. The new CCL EMEA campus creates unparalleled opportunities for in-depth self-reflection and uninterrupted leadership learning experience.

EMEA Facilities

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Our facilities are housed in the Woluwe Atrium, a landmark building due to its design excellence and strategic location alongside the UCL university complex, and a host of corporate headquarters of multinational corporations and administrative centers. EMEA facilities are less than ten minutes’ drive to the airport, and even nearer to the European district and lively cultural Brussels city center; and yet it represents a green, pleasant, and stress-free environment.

City Information

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium is one of the most famous historical cities and tourist attractions in the world. As the headquarters to the European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) it is often referred to as the Capital of Europe. Brussels is the home of multiple cultures and the city of Art Nouveau architecture, fine food, 80 museums, numerous tourist attractions, and a vibrant night life.

The starting point for any visit to Brussels is the gorgeous Grand Place, which was built as a merchants market in the 13th century. Today it serves as the centre of the city and host numerous concerts and festivals. Check the Brussels weather forecast before your next visit to the city.

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  • "The Leadership Development Program in Singapore was a great experience for me and one that I have highly recommended both internally and beyond. International companies can be assured that the program's content is consistent across all the geographies — and yet at the same time, participants are able to make the connections and tie into local culture"

    Christopher Rogers Vice President of Global Information Technology, Sykes Enterprise, Inc.
  • "One of the main benefits of attending the Foundations of Leadership program was learning more about my leadership style and translating it into a higher level of confidence. I was at CCL only 3 days, but I could have stayed a month; it was such a wonderful experience."

    Cindy Watkins Executive Director, Alamance Partnership for Children Foundations of Leadership Program
  • "It's easy to get caught up in growing responsibilities and forget how important it is to express to people that you care about them and that you are sincerely grateful for their contribution."

    Michael Yackire Chairman, Sierra Pacific Resources
  • "One of the great values of the Leadership Development Program is the opportunity to spend time understanding why things are going as they are in your life and what changes you can make to influence the outcome. I would recommend this program for the self-awareness factor alone."

    Heli Helanummi-Cole Channel Planning & Implementation Manager Nokia, Hampshire, England
  • "I learned a great deal about the way I think about myself and the reasons for my thinking."

    Hermien Usy Corporate Legal Counsel DeBeers Group
  • "The self-awareness I had developed would have faded over time naturally, as it would with anyone. The good thing is I continued the process with my coach. I believe during that five months of follow-up coaching, the good habits of self-feedback and self-reflection were formed."

    Jianhui Zhou CEO, Broadway Networks, San Jose, CA
  • "The course gave me the real nuts and bolts information I needed to grow my skills as a leader. The feedback reassures and re-energizes you around what you're doing well and helps you identify areas for development. Then it is contingent upon each participant to decide what to do with what they've learned."

    Lisa DiTullio Principal, Lisa DiTullio & Associates
  • "When I went to the Leadership at the Peak program, there was a fair amount of uncertainty in my company, and there were some stark contrasts in the 360-degree feedback I got. It was eye-opening, and the CCL coaches did a good job of helping me put it into context."

    Mary Shapiro Chairperson, US Securities and Exchange Commission
  • I developed a new consciousness of others and their opinions. The course realigned my way of thinking and led me to listen more and become more flexible when considering the recommendations of others.

    William Werkmeister Transmission Project Engineer Public Service Electric & Gas
  • "In Leadership Development for Human Resource Professionals, you learn about group dynamics, individual differences and preferences - about how you as an individual leader are being viewed. In every one of the program's exercises, the messages are brought back to how it's relevant to you and the work situation."

    Robert Plummer VP, Human Resources, Rolls-Royce Corp.