Kick some glass and shatter your limitations. Our multi-phased Women’s Leadership Experience is a bold three-month development engagement designed to equip women who are already proven leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to have greater impact and broader influence within their organizations.

There is no one formula for being an effective leader.  And for women, leadership potential  can be additionally complicated by the infamous glass ceiling.

What Will I Learn During This Leadership Training for Women?

Attend this multi-phased program and acquire the ability to:

  • Gain clarity on how others perceive you as a leader.
  • Develop behaviors that align with & support personal leadership brands & career direction.
  • Exert greater influence over the choices made.
  • Navigate complex relationships.
  • Build & leverage strategic networks to engage authentically.
  • Implement personal leadership strategy.

Who Should Register for This Women’s Leadership Development Program?

The program is designed for women with upper-management and leadership experience.
Admission is by application only.

Our Leadership Training for Women Covers These Challenges:

  • Establishing credibility.
  • Managing up & across the organization.
  • Negotiating adeptly & influencing others.
  • Developing competencies in  managing organizational complexity,  strategic thinking & acting.

Why Choose CCL’s  Women’s Leadership Experience?

  • 3-month, multi-phased program deepens learning.
  • Two 1:1 executive coaching sessions tailored to each participant.
  • Gender-specific format allows for greater openness in a supportive environment and addresses the unique issues women face.
  • Opportunity to develop a rich peer support network.
  • Development of a personalized action plan for continued development.
  • Experiential program allows time for new skills & behaviors to be explored in a safe environment.
  • Ongoing support through exclusive alumni community. Learn more.


Multiple Phases:
3 days on-site
3 months virtual learning
2 days on-site

Average class size & Faculty/Participants ratio:

24 participants
1 instructor : 12 participants


Greensboro, NC
San Diego, CA

*Scale-up option for companies wishing to send multiple managers or run a full program on-site


$8,900 for programs occurring before July 1, 2020
$9,100 for programs occurring on, or after July 1, 2020

Scholarship Information

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What Participants Say About Women’s Leadership Experience:

say they are better prepared for future responsibilities

say this program was worth the time & effort

say they are better prepared to take the next step in their career

  • Each woman needs to make time to think about her identity as leader, choose what she wants, and work intentionally to make it happen.

     Laura Santana CCL Senior Faculty

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