Why do leaders of some organizations successfully execute strategies that lead to excellent business results, while others fail to translate strategic intent into desired outcomes? The difference is in their collective ability to lead strategically in the midst of disruption and complexity.

The Leading Strategically Experience is a 4-week live online leadership strategy training program designed for participants to improve their strategic leadership skills to achieve goals, drive performance, and align short-term action with long-term direction. This online strategic leadership program provides leaders with skills to handle complexity, bridge boundaries, and shape organizational culture for success.

Who Should Participate in Our Leadership Strategy Training?

Executives and senior leaders whose work has strategic implications for their organization.

What Will I Learn in This Strategic Leadership Program?

The Leading Strategically Experience helps senior leaders whose role involves some part of strategy creation and execution to:

  • Come away with a whole systems mindset to consistently address organizational dilemmas as a strategic leader
  • Be able to think, act, and influence strategically in the face of disruption and complexity
  • Identify levers in the culture that can help enable the execution of the business strategy
  • Understand how the leadership strategy enables strategy formation and execution
  • Create direction, alignment and commitment in critical relationships to bridge functions, groups, and geographies around priorities.

The Leading Strategically Program Experience

The program format is designed to accommodate the pace of work while enabling a deeply transformative learning experience. Throughout the 4 weeks of our leadership strategy training, participants will engage in:

  • A high-impact strategic business simulation gives participants the chance to practice new skills in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Personalized connections with instructors and classmates through discussions with the large cohort, and smaller virtual breakout sessions.
  • Self-evaluation, as well as facilitator and peer feedback enables participants to identify strategic leadership strengths and hone development areas.
  • Focus on a specific, current strategic leadership challenge connects the learning directly to participants’ day-to-day work.
  • In addition to the live online leadership strategy training, learners will also engage in 1-2 hours per week of moderated asynchronous learning content via our Leadership Accelerator online learning platform.

Program Length:

4 weeks, 24 Live Online Hours + 4-8 Moderated Hours

Average Class size & Faculty/Participant ratio:

24 participants
1 instructor : 12 participants

We also offer The Leading Strategically Experience for federal government employees. Learn more.


$6300 USD
S$9480 SGD

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What Participants Are Saying About The Leading Strategically Experience:

            Going into an online only course, I was a bit concerned. But the amount of engagement that was offered in this course – along with the hands on virtual labs – was incredible. This was the first CCL course I’ve taken – so a lot of new concepts were introduced (polarities, boundary spanning) but the way in which they were introduced with the breakout sessions for further dialog really allowed them to hit home with me. I would highly recommend this course for any leader making the transition from an operational mindset to strategic mindset.


Dave Mitton
Information Technology Director, Lambton College

Why Choose Our Strategic Leadership Program?

  • High faculty-to-participant ratio (1:12) allows faculty to build connections with each learning and help meet participant’s individual learning needs.
  • The extended learning experience is designed to support learners in the flow of work, and allows participants to deepen their learning and process insights between sessions.
  • Participants will have ample opportunity to network and build relationships with their classmates over the 7 weeks.
  • A high impact strategic business simulation, combined with a focus on a current strategic leadership challenge, ensure hands-on applicable learning.
  • 4 hands-on labs provide an opportunity for guided practice helping participants to apply the program learning in the workplace.
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will have ongoing engagement and support through our exclusive alumni community. Learn more.