Tech Moves Forward. Why Isn’t She?

Despite more women than ever beginning scientific or technical careers, more of them are also exiting these fields — unfulfilled and under-appreciated. Leadership positions in the tech world continue to be male-dominated, leaving most organizations gender-imbalanced in a way that not only discourages and drives away ambitious women in tech, but also puts businesses at risk of underperformance.

Relying on decades of research about women’s leadership as well as expert insights from women in tech roles, we’ve created Advancing Technical Women — an intensive skill-strengthening program designed specifically for early-to-mid career women who want to increase their visibility and improve their opportunities for advancement in the tech industry.

Using real-world experiential exercises and candid peer feedback, Advancing Technical Women helps women in tech and women in stem recognize and communicate their distinctive value with clarity and confidence while giving them tested and proven strategies for networking more effectively and expanding their portfolio of leadership experiences.

Women in tech improve business outcomes across the board.

That’s why it is imperative they climb the ladder.

Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians. — McKinsey Quarterly

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What Do Women Leaders In Tech Learn?

  • How to stand out and gain experiences for career advancement.
  • How to improve communication at work.
  • How to build a strategic network to gain visibility, experiences, and sponsorship.
  • How to become your own agent in advancing your opportunities.
  • How to secure and succeed at challenging stretch assignments.
  • How to use a deeper understanding of your identity to enhance the way you express your leadership brand at work.
  • How to implement an action plan that empowers you to reach your full potential.

Should Women Leaders In Stem Attend The Program?

Early-to-mid career women in stem and women in tech roles from all industries who aspire to a management position or who want to advance within their career path. The average participant will have 5-10 years of work experience.

Why Choose the Advancing Technical Women Program?

  • Research-based content focuses on the issues that are most critical for advancement.
  • CCL is one of the most respected leadership development institutions in the world, with decades of experience focused on women’s advancement.
  • Designed by engineers and tested with hundreds of women in tech.
  • Opportunities to network with, and learn from, other technical women in their organization who are dealing with similar challenges.
  • More than just a 1.5 day program, this is a 12-week learning journey that includes:
    • A face-to-face session
    • Online support and resources
    • Ongoing peer mentoring
    • A 2-hour virtual learning session
  • Participants will leave the program feeling energized and empowered with tools and resources to take ownership of their careers.

The Program’s Impact On Women Leaders In Tech

Just 6 months after attending CCL’s Advancing Technical Women program:

of participants say they’re better equipped to advance in their careers

report that they’ve achieved better results as leaders

were promoted within their organizations

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