CCL Partners With Optify to Launch New Coaching Platform to Enhance Leadership Development

The new CCL Coaching Platform provides customized, individual coaching on a single, intuitive platform, and enables scalable and accessible coaching for leaders of every stage.

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The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)®, a top-ranked global leadership development organization, and Optify, a for-purpose coaching solutions provider re-imagining leadership development with technology, today announced a partnership to launch the new global CCL Coaching Platform, an innovative, integrated web-based platform designed to drive high-value leadership coaching that prioritizes the experience for coaches and coaching participants.

“CCL is making a substantial investment in people and tools to accelerate leadership development and prepare leaders to thrive in an unpredictable, rapidly evolving world,” said CCL President & CEO Martin Schneider. “The combination of CCL’s award-winning leadership development programs and Optify’s state-of-the-art coaching software will expand access to effective, high-impact leadership coaching for leaders at all levels.”

The CCL Coaching Platform is a powerful, intuitive, secure coaching platform developed and powered by Optify, that enhances the coach and participant relationship by offering a single tool to manage all coaching engagements, including individual coaching and larger custom coaching engagements. It enables the Center for Creative Leadership to deliver at scale and the platform will be integrated into all coaching engagements globally.

“CCL and Optify have a shared mission to enable transformational leadership and help people reach their full potential,” said Pam Krulitz, Optify co-founder and CEO, “For more than 5 decades, CCL has pioneered best practices in the leadership development industry and brought research-based training to individuals at all stages of leadership. We’re thrilled to now partner with CCL to bring their world-leading leadership training to more people through our agile online platform built to enable scaled coaching programs while at the same time enhancing the coach-participant experience.”

The platform curates a personalized, measurable journey that puts the participant in full control of their coaching program. Coaches and participants can access a robust, user-friendly learning library of CCL’s live online and in-person programs and resources, as well as notes and assessments from the coaching journey. Using the platform, organizations can more easily gather holistic insights and assess the progress and impact of coaching programs. The platform includes a range of practical features including:

  • Easy online scheduling
  • Direct and private communication between coaches and participants
  • Sponsor dashboard with engagement utilization data
  • Seamless goal-setting process and coaching topic capture

“CCL continuously seeks new ways to deliver value for our more than 750 coaches and their clients and to expand access to development opportunities,” said Patricia Overland, CCL Director of Coaching. “The CCL Coaching Platform simplifies the coaching experience, aggregating tools, information, and the experience within one easy-to-navigate platform. We look forward to working with the Optify team to empower organizations to invest in their people and maximize the benefits of this partnership for our coaches and clients.”

The CCL Coaching Platform has launched to a pilot phase of coaches and will be expanded to all CCL coaches and clients globally by August 1, 2023.

About Optify

Optify is a coaching solutions provider that enables transformational leadership development, empowering coaches, teams, and individuals to reach their fullest potential with its coaching software that helps businesses achieve the impact they deserve. Learn more about Optify.

About the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)®

At the Center for Creative Leadership, our drive to create a ripple effect of positive change underpins everything we do. For 50+ years, we’ve pioneered leadership development solutions for everyone from frontline workers to global CEOs. Consistently ranked among the world’s top providers of executive education, our research-based programs and solutions inspire individuals in organizations across the world — including 2/3 of the Fortune 1000 — to ignite remarkable transformations. Learn more about CCL.

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