Making Coaching a Positive Development Opportunity

Medical and Healthcare Services - CCL
CLIENT:A world-renowned healthcare system with 18 hospitals
LOCATION:In 3 states and 4 countries
SIZE:Over 50,000 employees

Client Profile & Challenge: American Healthcare System

When a major U.S.-based healthcare system first engaged us, it had an active internal coaching program. However, the program was unstructured and there was no assessment process. Across the organization, many leaders perceived coaching as a tool to correct poor performance, so being coached was viewed negatively rather than as a leadership development opportunity.

The healthcare system wanted to improve the skills of its coaches, assess coaching outcomes, increase the number of active coaches, and shift the culture so that coaching was viewed as a positive opportunity for those participating in it. At the same time, the organization wanted to ensure that existing coaches could continue to bring their unique skills to coaching engagements.

The healthcare system needed a partner that could provide sophisticated training to existing and new coaches, plus collaborate as it sought to create a more coaching-focused culture.

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Solution & Results

We offered the healthcare system a customized version of our open-enrollment training program for internal coaches.

The number of internal coaches in the healthcare system has more than doubled since it engaged with us. Coaching engagements are tracked and managed via online software and automated assessments, providing ongoing feedback on coaching activities and outcomes. The appeal of coaching has grown within the organization, as well.

During hands-on classroom training, the system’s internal coaches worked in groups of 4 with one of our certified coaches. Participants got intensive hands-on practice and rich feedback on their coaching.

Coaches took a unique 360 assessment to provide insights into their coaching style. Beyond the classroom, the growing community of coaches within the system also gained access to live webinars on topics such as creating accountability and handling resistance to coaching.

“The bottom line that it came to is being able to help develop our leaders in the organization,” said a healthcare system leader who was himself an experienced, certified coach before we engaged with the system. “Understanding that the way to do that is not just through the classroom, but in supporting them outside the classroom. And one of those ways is in a formal coaching relationship.”

Felt more prepared for career advancement
Acquired new knowledge and skills
Helped to clarify values and goals, promoting personal growth
Would recommend coaching service to others

Participants Say

“The reputation of having a formal coaching program that is trusted and relied upon has enabled us to now start coaching at the top levels of the organization. And the quality of our coaches — we’re getting great feedback.”

Senior Director of Team and Leadership Development

“The practice sessions that we had in class allow you to feel more comfortable, allow you to practice your listening skills and your body language skills. A lot of it is just continuing to add more tools to my toolbox for coaching.”

Chief Operating Officer and Trained Coach

“I moved into a senior director role. It was my first formal experience in a leading-people role. My coach got to know me so that she could really challenge me to think and dig deeper. It allowed me to see other perspectives and views that I hadn’t considered. It really allowed me to excel in my role.”

Senior Director of Nursing Education and Recipient of Coaching Services

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We can work with you to create a customized coaching solution that will help clarify your leaders’ strengths and opportunities for development. We also offer custom healthcare leadership development.

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