Every year a dozen of us from CCL meet at a local sports bar and hold our fantasy football draft. For those of you who don’t know what fantasy football is, you can go here to find out more. And if you think fantasy football (and fantasy sports in general) is a fad or that only a small group of men play, according to Forbes.com it is a billion dollar industry, and females make up 25% of the market. It’s not just a passing fancy (pun intended).

There’s a lot you can learn from a fantasy football draft when it comes to leadership. Last year I learned about organizational politics. This year, it was strategy. When we “draft” players onto our team, there is a strategy involved. Some have very simple strategies (just pick the best player on the board), others more complex (depth charts, projections, what specific position should I pick in what round, what area is thin that I might need to grab earlier than normal). In the video I talk about the importance of strategy in fantasy football drafts, and I make the connection to how strategy is hugely important for leaders today.

Strategy has been something that CCL has really been talking about lately.

  • CCL’s program Leading Strategically is specifically geared for managers to enhance their strategic mindset. In the program, they will learn to effectively and efficiently prioritize, influence and make productive connections to implement strategy by using skills that involve thinking, acting, listening and influencing effectively.

So, for all the leaders out there, I wish you luck in becoming more strategic and growing and enhancing your strategic mindset. Use our blog and other resources and programs to help build and enhance your strategic perspective and mindset so that you can be the best leader for your followers and organization.

And, for you fantasy football players out there, I wish you luck this year too. And think about the others in my league who will feel my wrath as I go for back-to-back fantasy football championships. Yes, I won last year, mainly due to the successful strategy in my draft. The trophy looks good in my office! I had the 6th pick of 12 teams this year, and the team I drafted is here:

Because of the importance of strategic perspective to effective leadership, would you please share your ideas and comments about how you have become more strategic in your leadership? Share your thoughts and start the discussion to help our community of leaders be the best they can be. You never know, your piece of advice or insight may help a leader become their very best.

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