Today was the first day of the 2014 ASTD ICE Expo in Washington, DC and we had a great time meeting everyone who stopped by booth 1133!

Our digital learning team gave multiple presentations on our exciting new digital learning packages called “In-House Solutions.”  I was particularly impressed with these because they were created with the busy HR professional in mind.  Their theme is “Powered by CCL, delivered by you,” and that about sums it up.  You don’t need any special (or time-consuming) certification to bring these leadership solutions to your organization.  You just need to be a good facilitator, and you can trust that the content–backed by 40+ years of research and experience–will take care of itself.  These online development solutions are especially helpful for first-tier managers who might not be able to pull away from the front lines to attend a more lengthy development experience.

Another hot topic since we’re in Washington, DC is government leadership. This year our booth has three team members who specialize in government leadership development, which as you could imagine has its own unique set of challenges.  I am really excited about Bill Adams’ presentation tomorrow, “Keys to Surviving Toxic Leaders in Government,” which will take place in the government pavilion, Room 146C.

Lastly, I was in awe of the variety of people I met from so many different countries and cultures.  With advances in technology, the world really is becoming a smaller place, and the past few years at CCL we have heard loud and clear that companies have to be able to compete on a global scale.  It is crucial that these expanding organizations find ways to work interdependently across geographic boundaries, and I believe that is where CCL has its sweet spot in the leadership development field.  We have campuses all over the world, which makes us able to accommodate the leadership development needs of expanding companies, and at the same time understand them on a local level.  In our booth alone today we had staff from four continents speaking nine languages.  If you’re at ASTD, I hope you get a chance to stop by and meet my fascinating colleagues!

Our Brazil team with partner Insper Business School

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